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Watch President Trump’s Speech To Congress

"The people turned out by the tens of millions, and they were all united by one very simple, but crucial[...]

Is Obama Sabotaging Trump?

"I think that President Obama is behind it, because his people are certainly behind it. And some of the leaks[...]

Can You Believe What Pres. George W. Bush Said About Trump?

"I mean, power can be very addictive. And it can be corrosive. And it's important for the media to call[...]

WATCH: President Trump Speaks At CPAC!

"Think of it, $20 trillion. It's doubled. And we inherited a foreign policy marked by one disaster after another. We[...]

See Why Ted Cruz Is Thanking Harry Reid

"Because Harry Reid employed the so-called nuclear option, broke the Senate rules to change the Senate rules. Lowered the confirmation[...]

Will Conservatives Betray Trump?

"I think when conservatives realize all that you embrace when you embrace protectionism, enormous executive discretion, government planning... when they[...]

President Trump Denounces Anti-Semitism

"I think it's horrible. Whether it's anti-Semitism or racism or any , anything you wanna think about having to do[...]

O’Reilly Slams Democrat Denial On Illegal Immigration!

"Every time, and I mean every time the subject of criminal illegal aliens arises, the Democratic Party will not engage.[...]

Is Trump The Fox News President?

"He is the, he is the Fox News president! Everything that he says, we've said." -- Greg Gutfeld

Did Trump Inherit A Mess?

"But it's very important to me, but this isn't Donald Trump that divided a nation. We went eight years with[...]

VIDEO: Can Rand Paul Repeal And Replace Obamacare?

"For two years you can sign up whether you've got a preexisting condition or not. After that, if you want[...]

See What Krauthammer Said About Intel Leaks And Flynn!

"Look, we cannot have our intelligence agencies eavesdropping on Americans and releasing it to the press." -- Charles Krauthammer

Hugh Hewitt Schools The Media On Their Anti-Trump Pile-On!

"I think most people in America are getting tired of the pile on 24/7 of the new president." -- Hugh[...]

See The Racism Liberals Have Directed At Sen. Tim Scott!

"You see, what I’m surprised by, just a smidgen, is that the liberal left that desires for all of us[...]

Will Trump Win And Restore His Travel Ban?

"So we'll be doing something very rapidly having to do with the additional security for our country... In addition, we[...]

You MUST See What Judge Napolitano Said The 9th Circuit And Travel Ban!

"This is an intellectually dishonest piece of work that the 9th Circuit has produced tonight, because it essentially consists of[...]

Watch Jeff Sessions’ Swearing-In Speech As Attorney-General!

"I wish the rise that we're seeing in crime in America today were some sort of aberration or a blip.[...]

Ted Cruz Destroys The Democrat Party’s Only Argument

"When the left doesn't have any arguments, they go and accuse everyone of being a racist. It is an ugly,[...]

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