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Curt Weldon

Curt Weldon

Congressman Curt Weldon represents the Seventh Congressional District of Pennsylvania. Currently serving his tenth term, Congressman Weldon is the most senior Republican in the Pennsylvania Delegation. A Member of the House of Representatives since 1987, Weldon has taken leadership roles on a wide variety of issues, ranging from national security to the environment.

A senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, Weldon served six years as the Chairman of the Military Research and Development Subcommittee, overseeing the development and testing of key military systems, weapons programs, and technologies that fulfill military needs. Weldon has used that position to become the leading House supporter of a national missile defense to protect America’s families and communities. Weldon now serves as the Vice Chairman of the full Committee as well as Chairman of the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee. His role ensures that our service men and women are adequately prepared for duty in today’s high-tech world.

Born and raised in a blue-collar family, Weldon understands the issues that affect America’s working men and women. In Congress, Weldon has been a tireless advocate of issues important to working class families. He co-authored the Family Medical Leave Act, pushed for the extension of unemployment benefits, has consistently supported raising the minimum wage, opposed the North American Free Trade Agreement and voted for historic across-the-board tax cuts.

Weldon was born in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, on July 22, 1947, and is the youngest of nine children. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1969. Prior to becoming a Member of Congress, Weldon worked as an educator at local schools in Delaware County and volunteered as a firefighter in Marcus Hook. As mayor of the Marcus Hook Borough, in which he was nominated twice on both Republican and Democratic ballots, Weldon led the fight to revive the small town that was home to the violent and destructive Pagan motorcycle gang. Utilizing his teaching and public safety skills, Weldon moved on to serve as the Director of Training and Manpower Development for a large corporation.

Years prior to the terrorist attacks on September 11, Congressman Weldon was an outspoken advocate of bolstering defenses, assisting first responders, and improving intelligence gathering capabilities. As Vice Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and founder of the Homeland Security Caucus, Congressman Weldon is a frequent keynote speaker at various defense and national security conferences across the country. He is a regular guest on national news and television programs, is the author of numerous letters and opinion papers for various news sources, and teaches advanced courses at local colleges and universities.

Married in 1975, Weldon resides with his wife Mary Gallagher Weldon and their five children in Thornbury Township, Pennsylvania.

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