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Gina Loudon

Dr. Gina Loudon, a member of the Trump 2020 Campaign Media Advisory Board, is a popular guest analyst on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, HLN and co-host of America Talks Live on Newsmax TV.  A heartlander and a southerner to the core, she holds two masters degrees as well as a Ph.D. in psychology.  She and her husband, former Missouri state senator John Loudon, are the parents of five children, one through the blessing of adoption who happens to have Down syndrome, and live in Palm Beach, Floriday.  They are active members of the historic Mar-a-Lago Club, President Trump’s Southern White House.

Her reach extends beyond news into prime time entertainment. Dr. Gina and her family moved to California in 2012 and made a big splash when she and her family appeared on a reality show on ABC. She has appeared on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show on Comedy Central as well.

Gina Loudon grew up close to the Ozark mountains in Missouri.  From an early age, her father, a leftist activist, debated political issues with her. She enjoyed the dialogue, and continually tested in career placement exams as an ideal “broadcast journalist.”

“Broadcasters I saw were mostly all old, white guys who had very deep voices,” Gina observed, “I didn’t see myself becoming that, so I decided to study people and what made them tick, instead.”

That is when she became focused on the “why” of the news happening around the world, more so than the “what.” She remembers listening to Paul Harvey, Dr. Laura, Dennis Prager, and Rush Limbaugh and becoming inspired to talk about why people do and believe what they do and believe.

Dr. Gina started doing a talk show on KJSL in St. Louis, MO, and within a year was regionally syndicated and moved to Alabama to broadcast from the company’s 100,000 watt flagship station, WYDE. She was host of the drive-time, Dr. Gina Show, that was wildly successful and one of the fastest-selling shows on Crawford Broadcasting’s family of stations.

Gina studied design, communications, and psychology in college. She eventually earned two master’s degrees and a Ph.D.. Dr. Loudon wrote her dissertation on her own theory contrasting Sternberg’s theory of love with the Maslovian hierarchical needs, and then applied it hermeneutically to existing data on relationship. Her original findings in her research are still being used today.

Her first master’s degree, from St. Louis University, was withheld from her for what she believed were political reasons, but it was eventually granted to her years later. This experience opened her eyes to political and social injustice.

She met her husband, John W. Loudon, while pursuing her bachelors degree at William Woods University (where she recently had the honor of giving the commencement address). They were married at John’s alma mater, Westminster College, in the 17th century church that stands there on the grounds. Her husband ran for State Representative shortly after they were married. He then ran for and won a senate seat and was re-elected until he was term-limited out of office.

During high school, Dr. Gina volunteered at a camp for people with special needs called Camp Wonderland. Her experience there led her and her husband to search for a child to adopt with special needs. After a ten year search that included a trip across Russia visiting orphanages, she and her husband found their son, Samuel, who has Down syndrome.

Dr. Gina’s latest book, titled “What Women REALLY Want“, co-authored with Ann Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany, is a best seller in Women’s political literature on Amazon, and has been credited as one of the reasons why the “war on women” rhetoric in America was silenced.

Few know that in school, she enjoyed cheerleading and dance, especially Hula and Tahitian dancing, and she studied in Hawaii.

Gina has five children, one by the miracle of adoption who has Down syndrome. She and her family are passionate about special needs adoption, civil discourse, pitbull rescue, and they live on the beach with their very beloved French Bulldog named Gipper, and their cat, Louie.


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