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Henry Regnery

Henry Regnery

Henry Regnery was the founder of Regnery Publishing, one of the leading conservative publishers in the United States. He was the son of a Chicago textile magnate who graduated from M.I.T., did post-graduate work at Harvard with free market economist Joseph Schumpeter, and helped found the conservative weekly Human Events.

Regnery created a sensation when his young publishing company brought out William F. Buckley’s God and Man at Yale in 1951. He published Russell Kirk’s Conservative Mind two years later, which provided the underpinning for later development of conservative thought.

In addition to publishing books by conservative authors like Albert J. Nock, James J. Kirkpatrick, James Buenham and Whittaker Chambers, Mr. Regnery published paperback editions of literary works by authors like the novelist Wyndham Lewis and the poets T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound.

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