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Ronald Utt

Ronald Utt

Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D., is a former senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., with a long-standing interest in maritime warfare. Utt received his B.S. from Penn State University and earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Indiana University.

In 1987 Utt was appointed by President Reagan to lead the Office of Management and Budget where he helped the president present a variety of privatization proposals in the 1988 budget. Utt is also the former associate chief economist of the Chamber of Commerce.

Utt has written for several national publications, including the Wall Street Journal, National Review, the Washington Post, the Houston Chronicle, USA Today and Newsday. He has also appeared for commentary on Fox Business, Fox News and C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

He lives with his wife Michele on the Rappahannock River in Falmouth, Virginia.

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