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C.S. Lewis and Why He Believed in Christianity

C.S. Lewis the legendary author The Chronicles of Narnia and devout Christian is one of the most beloved individuals in[...]

Mark Levin Slams CNN’s Anderson Cooper Over Stormy Daniels Interview!

Mark Levin scolds Anderson Cooper for the "pornification" of the media in a no-holds-barred interview with Sean Hannity! See the[...]

Trump Takes On Amazon and Jeff Bezos

Trump has been at odds with Amazon and Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos.  Axios reported that Trump is ready to[...]

Is Mitt Romney Harder On Immigration Than Trump? See What He Said

Is Mitt Romney more hawkish on immigration than Trump? See what Mitt Romney said about DACA children and deportation!

Watch Tucker Carlson Take Down Parkland Agitator David Hogg!

Watch Tucker Carlson take down Parkland agitator David Hogg!

See Trump Stand Up To Congress On DACA and The Wall!

See how Trump stood up to Congress on DACA and the border wall -- and why he might veto the[...]

See How Pres. Trump Responded To Joe Biden’s Ridiculous Threats!

Pres. Donald Trump has responded to Joe Biden's ridiculous threats of physical violence! See his tweet to find out more!

See What Rush Limbaugh Said About The Mueller Investigation!

See what radio's Rush Limbaugh had to say about the Mueller investigation

See Why Trump Attacked Robert Mueller on Twitter!

See why Pres. Trump called out Robert Mueller and his team on Twitter!

Watch Tucker Carlson’s Great Segment On Immigration!

Watch Tucker Carlson's great segment on immigration and the male wage crisis!

Did You Know Shaq Is Pro-Police? See What He Said About School Safety

Did you know Shaq is a part-time cop who defends the police? See what he said about guns, teachers, and[...]

Does America Need A “Space Force”? Check Out Trump’s New Idea

Does America need a military "Space Force"? Check out Trump's new "Space Force" idea!

Is NBC Even Worse Than CNN? See What Trump Said!

Is NBC somehow even worse than CNN? See what Pres. Trump had to say!

See Trump’s Amazing Twitter Response To NYT Bias!

In just two tweets, Pres. Donald Trump destroyed the failing New York Times and its liberal reporters! Check out the[...]

Laura Ingraham Excoriates The “Expert Class” In Defense of Trump

Watch Laura Ingraham rip apart so-called experts -- and praise Pres. Donald Trump for pissing them off!

See Jeff Sessions’ Ultimatum To Sanctuary Cities!

See Jeff Sessions' ultimatum to sanctuary cities!

See What Trump Tweeted About The Oscars!

See Trump's hilarious response to the low-ratings liberal Oscars!

See Trump’s Amazing Response To Alec Baldwin

You need to see how Trump responded to Alec Baldwin's latest round of liberal whining!

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