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Was Obama’s Commutation of Chelsea Manning’s Sentence A Good Move?

Pres. Obama has, as part of his final pardons, commuted the sentence of convicted traitor and data-leaker Chelsea Manning from[...]

Is Lame-Duck Obama’s Legacy Just Golf? See What Gingrich Said!

"I described Obama as an incredible shrinking man, it's like watching air come out of a balloon. Between now and[...]

Cartoon: Can Obama Spare Change For The Hopeless?

Obama says he's an agent of change, but the hopeless, unemployed people of America are asking: can he spare some[...]

Obama’s Real Legacy on Israel

On his way out the door, President Obama was able to again offend Israel in its shameless collaboration with the[...]

You Won’t Believe Why Obama Didn’t Stop Russian Hacking!

"The idea that Russia gave the election to Donald Trump is absurd.... Knowing about all kinds of intrusions by the[...]

Should Trump “Compromise” on Policy Like Obama Did?

In President Obama's press conference earlier this week, President Obama gave some advice he never used throughout his administration. See[...]

Here’s All The Ways Obama Has Made Us Less Safe

Obama may claim America is safer than ever, but his policies have destroyed our national security! Check out the cartoon[...]

You Won’t Believe Obama’s Response To Milwaukee

You won't believe Pres. Barack Obama's response to the violence in Milwaukee! See the cartoon to learn more!

Has Obama Made Racism Worse By Constantly Blaming Cops?

He hit the police in Ferguson, he was wrong. He hit the police about Florida. He was wrong. At what[...]

See The Obama-Clinton Video That Actually Caused Benghazi

Obama and Hillary Clinton tried to blame Benghazi on an anti-Islam video. But it was a video of them that[...]

Why Does Obama Think Jihadi Terrorists Are “Gun Enthusiasts”?

Even kids can tell that jihadis are terrorists -- so why does Obama call them gun enthusiasts? See the cartoon!
Charles Krauthammer

Is Obama Covering Up The Orlando Shooter’s Fanatical Islamic Beliefs?

"Everybody understands under President Obama you are not to make any reference that could possibly indict Islam or radical Islam,[...]

Is Obama Directly Responsible For Orlando? See What John McCain Said!

"Barack Obama is directly responsible for it because when he pulled everybody out of Iraq, al Qaeda went to Syria[...]

Why Orlando Was Obama’s Fault

"This attack in part was facilitated by the policies of this administration, President Obama and Secretary Clinton, that have allowed[...]

Obama Dances As The World Burns

There are problems all over the world, and America is being caught unaware. Much like Nero, Pres. Obama dances as[...]

Obama Hates Criticism More Than Terrorism!

"And I think the American people are tired of it. They're tired of the moralizing and lecturing. You notice Obama[...]

Cartoon: Obama Dances The Terrorism Tango

As terrorists wreak havoc in Belgium, Pakistan and Iraq, Obama is focused on the dance floor in Argentina! See how[...]

Does Obama Care About Terrorism? See What This General Says!

"His going to the ballpark and spending less than a minute on the [Brussels] attack. I actually believe that the[...]

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