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Top 20 Democrats Who Might Run for President In 2020

Democrats are still reeling from Trump's resounding victory, but it's never too early to choose who will lose in 2020.[...]

“Not The Gulag” — See How Rand Paul Owned Bernie Sanders And Disproved Socialism

"No, no, I'm talking about voluntary groups, not the gulag -- when people join together, large associations with a good[...]

Can Trump Win Over Sanders Supporters?

Can Donald Trump win over Bernie Sanders supporters? Does he even need them? Let us know your thoughts by voting[...]

The Problem with Socialism (Author Interview: Thomas DiLorenzo)

With the DNC convention about to kick off this week, let us remind ourselves about "The Problem with Socialism" with[...]

If Hillary Wins CA, Should Bernie Drop Out? Vote Now!

If Hillary Clinton wins the California primary, should Bernie Sanders drop out of the presidential race? Vote in our CBC[...]

Should Trump Debate Sanders?

Should Donald Trump debate Sen. Bernie Sanders? Vote in our CBC member poll!

Two Backsides of the Same “Divided” Democrat Party

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton may seem different, but the two of them are both the backsides of the same[...]

Would Jesus Vote For Bernie?

"Bernie wants to take. Jesus never, ever took. He wanted you to give." -- Bill O'Reilly

New #1 Book “Equal Is Unfair” Unmasks Bernie & Hillary Presidential Campaigns

Authors Don Watkins and Yaron Brook attempt to throw cold water on the liberal’s argument that income inequality can only[...]

Bernie Sanders Is “The Most Interesting Socialist In The World”

He doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, someone else pays for it. Bernie Sanders is the most interesting[...]

Cartoon: Hillary Isn’t As Far Ahead As She Thinks

Hillary Clinton's nomination as the Democrat candidate for President was supposed to be preordained. And yet, other candidates are still[...]

See How The Election Is Driving Establishment Elites To Drink

Establishment elites are losing ground in both the GOP and Democrat primaries -- Bernie Sanders' socialism and Donald Trump's populism[...]

What Do Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Have In Common?

"What do Bernie and Trump have in common? ...They are basically both against what the Bush family and the Clinton[...]

What’s Weighing Hillary Down?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both have their crippling weaknesses in the Democrat race, as explained by this funny cartoon.

Heads or Tails? How Hillary Really Won IA

Hillary Clinton barely squeaked out a win against Bernie Sanders in Iowa — in part because she won 6 out […]

Which Democrat Will Win Iowa?

The Iowa primaries are coming -- for both parties. The Democrat Party, unlike the GOP, only offers three choices --[...]

Did Trump Win The Dem Debate? CBC Members Say “Yes!”

We wanted to know which candidate did best in the Democratic debate. CBC members thought the Dems were so bad[...]

Trump Says Bernie Sanders Let Hillary Off Too Easy

"I think Bernie, actually, for the sake of a good soundbite, let her [Hillary Clinton] off the hook. You have[...]

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