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Bill Clinton News

Episode #33 – Ken Starr Interview: Brett Kavanaugh, Robert Mueller, and the Legacy of the 90s Clinton Investigations

In this intimate and personal interview with Judge Ken Starr, he discussed his protege Brett Kavanaugh, whether or not Robert[...]

Should Bill Clinton Be Prosecuted For Sexual Assault?

Should Bill Clinton be charged with and prosecuted for sexual assault? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

Bill Clinton Is Writing A Political Thriller With James Patterson. Will It Be Based On True Events?!

Pres. Bill Clinton is writing a political thriller with acclaimed novelist James Patterson. For CBC's take, see what our Editor-in-Chief[...]

Should Bill O’Reilly Have Gone Into Politics? Bill Clinton Gives His Advice

Would Bill O'Reilly have weathered his scandals as a politician rather than a pundit? See what Bill Clinton has to[...]

See Why The Clintons Are Saying “Plunder Together”

Hillary is running on the slogan "Stronger Together" -- but her slogan should be "Plunder Together! See the cartoon for[...]

Ed Klein Reveals Bombshell Facts About Hillary FBI Investigation

In our "Part One" bombshell interview with author Ed Klein, he reveals stunning secrets about what really happened in the[...]

The Top 10 Conservative Books About The Clintons

For more than 20 years, conservatives have been calling out the corrupt Clintons and their crimes. Check out our list[...]

Why Can’t Bill Clinton Remember The Late 90s?

Bill Clinton took America down memory lane in his DNC address, but he seems to have forgotten some pretty pertinent[...]

Did The Clinton-Lynch Meeting Compromise The Hillary Investigation?

It depends on what the definition of "is" is! See the cartoon to learn more...

Was The Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch Meeting Collusion?

Was the private meeting between Pres. Bill Clinton and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch collusion? Vote in our CBC member[...]

Donald Trump Reacts To Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Meeting

"I said, ‘No way, there’s just no way that’s going to happen'. And it happened. I’m just flabbergasted by it.[...]

CBC Bombshell Interview with Secret Service Agent Revealing His Firsthand Experiences with Bill & Hillary Clinton

The mainstream media has refused to cover the bombshell revelations from Gary J. Byrne's new book, Crisis of Character: A[...]

“Clinton Cash” Returns to Bestseller List Amid New Allegations of Illegal Donations

The issue of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s questionable financial dealings with their Clinton Foundation rocketed back into headlines this week[...]

Is Trump Right About Bill Clinton and Women?

Is Donald Trump right about Bill Clinton's treatment of women? Vote in our CBC Member Poll!

You Won’t Believe Clinton’s Attack On Obama!

"If you believe we can rise together, if you believe we've finally come to the point where we can put[...]

Are Bill Clinton’s Scandals Fair Game?

With his wife Hillary Clinton running for President, Pres. Bill Clinton and his various scandals are back in the spotlight.[...]

Trump Says It’s Open Season On Bill Clinton

"Hillary called me sexist, that I had an inclination. What does she know about me? I had an inclination. When[...]

Did Hillary Enable Bill Clinton’s Scandals?

"I don't really care about Monica Lewinsky other than I think Hillary was an enabler and a lot of things[...]

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