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CBC Reading Roundup Jun. 4-8

This week, we featured Newt's new book, Newt's best books, and the books he thinks are the best! Read the[...]

CBC Reading Roundup Jan. 15-19

From James O'Keefe to Antonin Scalia to the Civil War, conservatives have had a lot to read about this week![...]

CBC Reading Roundup Jan. 8-12

From RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany to Rush Limbaugh's PR guy, conservative had a lot to read this week! Check it[...]

Go Inside Trump’s World With These Great Books

Ever since he took America by storm in the 2016 election, Pres. Trump has attracted controversy and attention in equal[...]

CBC Weekly Roundup: Dec. 4-8

This week in conservatism, national security and foreign policy dominated both news and conservative books! Learn more in our Weekly[...]

Love The Troops? Read Our Roundup

The military had a big week here at CBC! From WWII to the War of 1812, from traitor Bowe Bergdahl[...]

CBC Reading Roundup July 24-28

Fighter pilots, NYPD street warriors, liberal Nazis and Lying Hillary -- you'll find all that and more in this week's[...]

CBC Reading Roundup Jul. 10-14 2017

This week, we had Mark Levin, the DC swamp and liberal lies about science! Check out our CBC Reading Roundup!

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