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CBC Weekly Member Poll News

Who Won The 1st Presidential Debate?

Who won the 1st presidential debate: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Vote in our CBC member poll and tell us[...]

Will Trump Win The 1st Debate?

Will Trump win the 1st presidential debate? Vote now in our CBC member poll!

Who Will Win The First Presidential Debate?

Who will win the first presidential debate, Hillary or Trump? Vote now in our CBC member poll!

Who Will Handle Terrorism Better: Trump or Hillary?

Who will handle terrorism better: Trump or Hillary? Vote now in our CBC member poll!

Is Edward Snowden A Traitor Or A Patriot?

The Edward Snowden biopic "Snowden" is in theaters this weekend. Is Snowden a patriot -- or a traitor? Vote in[...]

Shocking Video Of “Hacking” Hillary’s Collapse! Should She Drop Out?

Should "Hacking" Hillary's health disqualify her as a candidate? See the shocking video and vote in our CBC member poll!

Should Libertarian Gary Johnson Be Allowed In The Debates?

Should Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson (NM) be allowed into the main presidential debates? Vote in our CBC[...]

Poll: Should “Hacking Hillary” Clinton Release Her Medical Records?

Should "Hacking Hillary" Clinton release her medical records? Let your voice be heard by voting in our CBC member poll!

Was Trump’s Visit To Mexico A Good Idea?

Was Trump's visit to Mexico a good idea? Vote in our CBC member poll and tell us your thoughts in[...]

Should NFL QB Colin Kaepernick Stand For Our Anthem?

NFL QB Colin Kaepernick has incited national outrage after protesting the police by sitting during the national anthem before games.[...]

Was Ted Cruz Right About Donald Trump All Along?

Was Ted Cruz right about Donald Trump's character and policies all along? Vote in our CBC member poll!

Is The “Alt-Right” Dangerous?

The shadowy "alt-right" has dominated the airwaves recently after Hillary Clinton denounced the movement in a speech. Learn what the[...]

Has Trump Flipped On Immigration?

Has Trump given into Establishment pressure on the issue of immigration? Tell us your thoughts and vote in our CBC[...]

Is Hillary Clinton Secretly Sick?

Why won't Hillary have press conferences? Is she secretly sick, and lying to America about it? Vote in our member[...]
Original Photo: Matt Hazlett

Who Was Right? Ryan Lochte Or Brazilian Cops?

The "Brazilian hostage crisis" is ending -- all of the US swimmers caught in the Ryan Lochte gas station scandal[...]

Is Black Lives Matter To Blame For Milwaukee Riots?

Should Black Lives Matter be blamed for the riots in Milwaukee? Vote in our CBC member poll below and tell[...]

Is Michael Phelps The Greatest Athlete Ever?

Michael Phelps has won 22 gold medals over his career. With his win in the 200m individual medley in Rio,[...]

Did Trump Call For Hillary’s Assassination? Or Is The Media Lying?

Donald Trump said that "2nd amendment people" could stop Hillary if she appointed anti-gun judges. Was he implying that they[...]

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