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CBC Weekly Member Poll News

Who Would You Vote For In Paul Ryan’s Primary Race?

Who do you support in Paul Ryan's primary race -- Paul Ryan or insurgent Paul Nehlen? Vote now in our[...]

Who Is The Coolest Conservative In Hollywood?

Which Hollywood conservative is the coolest? Vote in our CBC member poll

Who’s Right? Donald Trump or Khizr Khan?

Donald Trump is currently feuding with Khizr Khan, a father of a slain Muslim veteran who spoke at the DNC.[...]

Should Vladimir Putin Release Hillary’s Missing Emails?

If Russia could hack the DNC, they could definitely hack Hillary's server. Should Putin release Hillary's emails, as Donald Trump[...]

Who Was The Best GOP Convention Speaker?

Who was the best speaker at the Republican National Convention? Make your pick by voting in our CBC member poll!

Should Ted Cruz Have Endorsed Donald Trump?

Should Ted Cruz have honored the candidate pledge and endorsed Donald Trump in his speech last night? Tell us what[...]

Can Trump Unify Conservatives At GOP Convention?

Can Trump unify conservatives at the GOP convention? Vote in the poll and comment to let us know what you[...]

Is There A War On Cops In America?

Is there a war on cops in today’s America? Vote now in our CBC member poll!         […]

Do You Agree With The FBI’s Decision Not To Prosecute Crooked Hillary Clinton?

FBI Director Comey recommends that Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted for her grossly negligent email server. What do you think?

Was The Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch Meeting Collusion?

Was the private meeting between Pres. Bill Clinton and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch collusion? Vote in our CBC member[...]

Was George Will Right To Leave The GOP Over Trump?

Was George Will right to leave the GOP over the nomination of Donald Trump? Vote in our CBC member poll!

Was Brexit The Right Choice For Britain?

Was leaving the EU -- Brexit -- the right choice for the UK? Vote in our CBC member poll.

Who Should Be Donald Trump’s VP Pick

Who should be Donald Trump's pick for Vice President? Vote in our CBC member poll!

Should Britain Leave The European Union?

Should Britain leave the EU, or should it vote to remain in? Vote for your choice in our CBC member[...]

Does Orlando Mean War?

Was the Orlando terrorist attack an act of war? Vote in our CBC member poll!

Who Will Be Hillary’s VP Nominee?

Who will Hillary Clinton pick to be her VP nominee? Make your guess in our CBC member poll below!

Does Hillary Clinton’s Gender Matter?

Does Hillary Clinton's gender matter? Vote in our CBC member poll!

If Hillary Wins CA, Should Bernie Drop Out? Vote Now!

If Hillary Clinton wins the California primary, should Bernie Sanders drop out of the presidential race? Vote in our CBC[...]

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