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CBC Weekly Member Poll News

Was Paul Ryan Right To Endorse Trump?

Was Paul Ryan correct in his decision to endorse Trump? Vote in our CBC member poll!

Should Trump Debate Sanders?

Should Donald Trump debate Sen. Bernie Sanders? Vote in our CBC member poll!

Should Mitt Romney Run As A 3rd Party Candidate?

Should Mitt Romney run for president as a 3rd party, #NeverTrump option? Make your decision in our CBC member poll!

Is Trump Right About Bill Clinton and Women?

Is Donald Trump right about Bill Clinton's treatment of women? Vote in our CBC Member Poll!

Is Facebook Biased Against Conservatism?

Is Facebook biased against conservatism? Vote below in our CBC member poll!

Trump vs. Ryan: Who Do You Agree With?

House Speaker Paul Ryan and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump have attacked each other over the direction of the[...]

Can Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton In November?

Can Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in November? Vote in our CBC member poll below!

Which GOP Candidate Will Win Indiana?

Which GOP candidate will win the Indiana primary? Vote in our CBC member poll below!

Should Carly Fiorina Be The GOP VP Nominee?

Ted Cruz announced that he had tapped Carly Fiorina as his VP pick (he has not yet won the GOP[...]

Cruz and Kasich Team Up To Stump Trump — Do You Approve Or Not?

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have openly teamed up to stop Donald Trump in upcoming primaries by pulling their ads[...]

Do You Agree With Trump On The NC Bathroom Law?

Donald Trump has come out against the NC bathroom law, saying that people should use whatever bathroom they feel is[...]

Do You Agree With The NC Bathroom Law?

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has faced a barrage of criticism from the Left for a new law that requires[...]

Who Will Win The NY GOP Primary?

Which GOP candidate will win the New York primary on April 19th, 2016? Vote in our member poll below!

Is Ted Cruz’s Delegate Strategy Unfair?

Is Ted Cruz's strategy towards state GOP delegates unfair to other candidates who receive more votes? Vote in our CBC[...]

Do You Agree With Trump On Abortion?

The controversy and debate over Donald Trump's policy on abortion continues to rage on. Do you agree with Donald Trump[...]

Should Open Carry Of Guns Be Allowed At The Republican National Convention?

A petition has been circulating -- people want the RNC to allow the open carry of firearms at the Republican[...]

Should Obama Have Gone To Cuba?

Should President Obama have gone to Communist Cuba to meet with dictator Raul Castro? Vote in our member poll!

Which Political Rally Would You Want To Attend?

Violence and protests at Donald Trump rallies have been all over the news. Which political rally would you rather attend[...]

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