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CBC Weekly Member Poll News

Which Candidate Won The 6th GOP Debate?

On January 14th, seven GOP candidates took the stage for the 6th primary debate, hosted by the Fox Business Channel.[...]

Who’s Going To Win The Next GOP Debate?

On January 14th, the top six GOP candidates will participate in the sixth GOP primary debate. Which candidate do you[...]

Are Bill Clinton’s Scandals Fair Game?

With his wife Hillary Clinton running for President, Pres. Bill Clinton and his various scandals are back in the spotlight.[...]

What’s Your Favorite Conservative Book of 2015?

CBC has compiled the Top Ten Conservative Books of 2015. Which conservative book was your favorite?

CBC Members Say “It’s A Wonderful Life”!

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

CBC Members Say Trump Won The Debate!

The 5th GOP debate for the 2016 presidential nomination was held last night, Dec. 15th. Which candidate do you think[...]

Which Candidate Has The Support Of CBC Members?

The 2016 election season is gaining steam -- soon we'll be on to the primaries! Which GOP candidate do you[...]

Donald Trump Says Stop All Muslim Immigration – You Agree?

In our most popular poll ever, almost 90% of voting CBC members said they agreed with Donald Trump on Muslims.[...]

CBC Members Say No To Defending Turkey From Putin’s Russia

Tensions between Russia and NATO member Turkey -- an ostensible American ally -- have ratcheted up recently after a Turkish[...]

CBC Members Want A Watchlist For Radical Islamists

CBC members overwhelmingly want the government to put radical Islamists in America on a watchlist.

CBC Members Want NATO Action Against ISIS

The Paris attacks have made the need for security -- and the fight against ISIS -- more urgent than ever.[...]

CBC Members Are Excited For “Spectre”!

Fall is the best time of the year for movies, and a lot of major franchises are releasing new movies[...]

CBC Members Thought Trump Would Have A Great Debate!

CBC members thought Donald Trump would win the 3rd GOP debate.

Our Members Say: Paul Ryan Isn’t Conservative Enough

CBC members have spoken! They do not think Paul Ryan is conservative enough to be Speaker of the House.

Did CBC Members Take Down Kevin McCarthy?

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is no longer running to be Speaker of the House! Did the discontent of CBC members, 80%[...]

CBC Members Think Defunding Planned Parenthood Is Worth A Government Shutdown

John Boehner is resigning as Speaker of the House, and Republicans have the possibility to push for defunding Planned Parenthood[...]

Plurality of CBC Members Think Carly Fiorina Won 2nd GOP Debate

CBC members thought that Carly Fiorina did the best out of all the GOP candidates in the 2nd GOP debate[...]

CBC Members Agree: Donald Trump Is A Rebuke To The GOP Establishment

We asked CBC members if his success was a rebuke to the Republican party establishment. They said, yes, he is[...]

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