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CBC Weekly Member Poll News

CBC Members Think Trump Will Win Tonight’s Debate

CBC members have voted -- they think Donald Trump will win the GOP presidential debate tonight, Sept. 16, 2015.

CBC Members Want To Allow Cops To Use More Force

As crime rates go up and as cop killings continue to make the evening news, we want to know what[...]

CBC Members Are Fine With “Anchor Baby”

The 2016 election has electrified the immigration debate, and we wanted to know what CBC members thought of the term[...]

CBC Members Think Hillary Should Be Tried For Her Email Scandal

As an FBI investigation and new details about classified information continue to inflame Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, we wanted to […]

According To CBC Members, Ted Cruz Won First Debate

A plurality of CBC members thought Sen. Ted Cruz won the first debate. However, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio came[...]

CBC Members Thought Ted Cruz Would Win The First Debate!

Going into the first GOP debates last night, we wanted to see which candidate CBC members thought would win the[...]

CBC Members Want Carly Fiorina In GOP Debate

The first GOP presidential debate takes place on August 6th, and only 10 candidates will be able to take part,[...]

CBC Members Agree: The NYT Is Ideologically Biased Against Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is fighting the New York Times over their refusal to include "A Time for Truth" on their bestseller[...]

CBC Members Say No To Nuclear Deal With Iran

CBC members stand firm against the proposed nuclear deal with Iran and the concessions it would afford to their radical[...]

CBC Members Are Opposed To Supreme Court On Gay Marriage

CBC members are staunchly opposed to the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage nationwide.

CBC Members Want Mental Health Included In Background Checks

Find out what CBC members think about mental health, gun control and background checks - you might not believe the[...]

CBC Members Vote To Embargo Obamatrade

CBC members resoundingly chose to embargo Obamatrade and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership with Asia.

CBC Members Want To Read Ann Coulter This Summer!

Most readers wanted to read Ann Coulter's new book, Adios, America!: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country Into a[...]

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