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Should NFL Suspend Marshawn Lynch? See Trump’s Tweet

Pres. Trump called out Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch for sitting out our national anthem -- and standing for Mexico's! Should[...]

Should Bill Clinton Be Prosecuted For Sexual Assault?

Should Bill Clinton be charged with and prosecuted for sexual assault? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

Should Al Franken Be Forced To Resign?

Should liberal senator and SNL alum Al Franken be forced to resign in the wake of new sexual assault allegations?[...]

Will You Boycott Keurig For Dissing Sean Hannity?

Coffeemaker company Keurig has come under heavy fire for pulling advertising from Sean Hannity's show over Hannity's interview with Roy[...]

Should Roy Moore Step Aside In Alabama Senate Race?

Decades-old allegations of sexual assault of underage girls threaten to derail Alabama Judge Roy Moore's Senate campaign. Should he step[...]

Should Transgenders Be Allowed To Run For Public Office?

Last night's elections saw a number of transgender Democrats win office. Should transgender people be allowed to run for office?[...]

Election Day: Who Will Win In Virginia?

It's election day! Head to our CBC reader poll and tell us who you think will win the controversial Virginia[...]

Was The Sutherland Attacker Waging War on Christians?

This past Sunday, Devin Kelley killed 27 people in a mass shooting at a church in Sutherland, Texas -- our[...]

Should Snoop Dogg Be Prosecuted For Threatening Trump?

Should infamous rapper Snoop Dogg be prosecuted for cover art that threatens Pres. Trump? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Is Radical Islam A Threat To America?

After ISIS supporter Seyfullo Saipov's vicious truck attack in Manhattan, do you think radical Islam is a threat to America?[...]

Has Halloween Become Too Politically Correct?

Has Halloween become too politically correct? Tell us if liberals have ruined costumes and candy in our CBC reader poll

Should Rep. Frederica Wilson Be Forced To Resign?

Should Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson be forced to resign over the ongoing Trump phonecall fracas? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

Who’s Better: George W. Bush or Donald Trump?

Pres. Bush has gotten fire from conservatives for his recent criticism of Donald Trump. Who's the better President: Bush or[...]

Who Treats The Troops Better: Trump or Obama?

Who treats our troops better: Pres. Trump or Pres. Obama?

Should Girls Be Allowed In The Boy Scouts?

Should girls be allowed in the Boy Scouts? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Should Lying NBC Be Taken Off The Air?

Pres. Trump has had enough of the fake news! Should he and the government get NBC taken off the air?[...]

Should The NFL Lose Stadium Funding Over Anthem Protests?

Should NFL stadium funding and tax breaks be revoked over the protests of our national anthem? Vote in our CBC[...]

Who’s Right: Bob Corker or Pres. Trump?

Pres. Trump is a new Twitter feud with Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN). Who is right? Vote now!

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