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Should America Leave The Iran Deal?

Pres. Trump is mulling a withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Should he do it? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

Should Trump Bail Out Puerto Rico?

Should Pres. Trump bail out Puerto Rico? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Will Leftists Politicize The Las Vegas Shooting?

Will the Left politicize the tragic Las Vegas shooting and try to pass more unconstitutional gun control? Stake your bet[...]

Is Jimmy Kimmel Right or Wrong About Obamacare Repeal?

Is Jimmy Kimmel right or wrong about the Obamacare repeal bill? Vote in our CBC reader poll

Were The Emmys Too Biased Last Night? Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Hollywood

Were the Emmys too politicized this year? Watch Kellyanne Conway call out celebrity bias in the video, and vote in[...]

Should Trump Make A DACA Deal With Democrats?

In a stunning reversal,, Pres. Trump and Democrats have announced a deal that would preserve DACA. Should Trump make this[...]

Will You Watch Laura Ingraham’s New Show On Fox News?

Will you watch Laura Ingraham's new show on Fox News (airtime 10 PM Eastern)? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Has Trump Handled Hurricane Irma Effectively?

Hurricane Irma is battering Florida after a devastating path of destruction in the Caribbean. Has Pres. Trump handled this latest[...]

Should Trump Really Be Working With Democrats?

Pres. Trump made waves in Washington by making a deal with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. Should Trump[...]

Is The New York Times Bestseller List Biased Against Conservatives?

In a stunning move, Regnery Publishing has severed ties with the New York Times due to anti-conservative bias. Is the[...]

Should Trump End DACA And Deport “Dreamers”?

Should President Trump end the Deferred Action For Child Arrivals (DACA) program and begin deporting the "Dreamers" -- illegals who[...]

Has Trump Responded To Hurricane Harvey Effectively?

Hurricane Harvey continues to batter Texas. Has Pres. Trump effectively responded to this storm and the flooding that has ensued?[...]

Should Colin Kaepernick Be Banned From The NFL?

Controversial anti-anthem quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still out of a job. Should Colin Kaepernick be banned from the NFL? Vote[...]

Should Trump Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Should Pres. Trump use a presidential pardon on Maricopa County, Arizona's controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

Should America Send More Troops To Afghanistan?

Pres. Trump has promised to send 4000 more troops to Afghanistan. Do you agree -- should we send more troops?[...]

Who Will Trump Fire Next?

The Apprentice is back -- in the West Wing! The past few weeks have seen many WH officials lose their[...]

Bye Bye, Bannon: Do You Approve Of His Firing?

It's official: Steve Bannon has been fired by Pres. Trump. Do you support this move or not? Vote in our[...]

Should Confederate Monuments Be Torn Down?

After Charlottesville, many on the left are calling for Confederate monuments to be removed from public — when they aren’t […]

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