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Has CNN Gone Too Far With Blackmail? See How The Internet Is Responding

After Donald Trump wrecked CNN by posting a video meme of him wrestling the network, CNN responded by tracking down[...]

Who’d Win In A WWE Wrestling Match: Donald Trump or Joe Scarborough?

Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough are feuding. We know Trump has wrestled the WWE's Vince McMahon and even CNN, but[...]

Is Trump’s Twitter Damaging His Policy Agenda? Check Out The Polls

Pres. Trump is embroiled in another Twitter fight with the media, this time with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.[...]

Who’s Better: Milo or Mark Levin?

Conservative radio titan Mark Levin and right-wing troll mastermind Milo Yiannopoulos are both coming out with new books. Levin's Rediscovering[...]

CNN: News So Fake That Three Journalists Had To RESIGN

Three experienced CNN reporters -- one of them a Pulitzer Prize winner -- are now standing at the end of[...]

Do You Support The Reinstated Travel Ban?

Patriots are celebrating and liberals are on suicide watch: the Supreme Court brought back Trump's travel ban! Do you still[...]

Will You Boycott Johnny Depp After He Joked About Assassinating Trump?

Johnny Depp joked this week about assassinating Pres. Trump, asking "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?"[...]

Is The Name “Washington Redskins” Racist? See What The Supreme Court Ruled

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the NFL's Washington Redskins -- saying that limiting disparaging names for products[...]

Is The FBI Investigation Of Trump A Witch Hunt? See His Tweet And Decide For Yourself

Is the renewed FBI investigation of Pres. Trump for obstruction of justice a witch hunt? See Trump's tweet, and then[...]

Is America Headed Towards Another Civil War?

Political tensions between conservatives and the Left continue to boil, as evidenced by yesterday's anti-Republican shooting in Alexandria. Are we[...]

Should Puerto Rico Become America’s 51st State?

Puerto Rico recently held a non-binding statehood referendum. 97% of Puerto Ricans want to join the US and go from[...]

We Want Your Opinion — Check Out Our CBC Polling Roundup!

We've had quite the dramatic week, from Bill Maher and Reality Winner to Comey and Jeff Sessions. We want to[...]

Has Pres. Trump Been Exonerated?

James Comey's testimony shone new light on the Trump-Russia fracas. Do you think Pres. Trump has been exonerated? Vote in[...]

Is James Comey A Leaker? See What Trump’s Lawyer Said

Do you agree with Pres. Trump's lawyer that James Comey is a leaker? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Should Jeff Sessions Resign?

A rift has grown between Pres. Trump and AG Sessions -- should Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign? Vote in our[...]

Should NSA Leaker Reality Winner Be Charged For Treason?

A top-secret NSA report on Russian hacking and the election was leaked by federal contractor Reality Winner (yes, that is[...]

Liberal Hypocrisy! Should Bill Maher Be Fired For Racism?

Liberals attack conservatives constantly for racism -- but none of them have called for liberal comedian Bill Maher to be[...]

Should Kathy Griffin Be Banned From TV?

Should Kathy Griffin be banned from TV for her despicable Trump beheading photoshoot? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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