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Ingraham vs. Krauthammer: Who’s Right About Trump’s Charlottesville Statement?

On Fox News, conservative radio star Laura Ingraham and conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer got into a heated debate over Trump’s Tuesday […]

“Epic Fail”: Watch Charles Krauthammer ROAST Congress Over Obamacare

"This is an epic fail. This is historic. This is seven years of arguing gone down the drain. And I[...]

Has Liberal Rhetoric Gone Overboard? You Need To See What Krauthammer Said About The Alexandria Attack

"When you say 'unless we stop Donald Trump, the republic will not survive', then that justifies anything. That's the language,[...]

Is Government Healthcare Doomed? One Conservative Pundit Had An Foreboding Prediction…

"We had seven years of Obamacare, a change in expectations. And I would predict that in less than seven years,[...]

Krauthammer Weighs In On The Susan Rice Spy Scandal

"Clearly, there were some improprieties in the gathering of information about the Trump people. There probably was a felony committed[...]

You Won’t Believe What Krauthammer Said About The Trump Wiretaps

"You don't need an investigation. Look, there's not a person in Washington who thinks that there actually was a wiretap,[...]

See What Krauthammer Said About Intel Leaks And Flynn!

"Look, we cannot have our intelligence agencies eavesdropping on Americans and releasing it to the press." -- Charles Krauthammer

See What Krauthammer Said About Trump’s Travel Ban!

"It is not only that they rushed it, they did it in a terrible way.... you don't announce that you[...]

Does The Size of Trump’s Inauguration Matter? Krauthammer Speaks Out!

"So Trump considers this a slight to his image and to his self-image as a guy who runs the table,[...]

Are Dems Trying To Sabotage Trump’s Victory?

"It looks as if the Democrats, on their way out the door, are trying to leave behind as many landmines[...]

Should Congressional GOP Be Grateful To Harry Reid?

"I think the Republicans should start every session with an expression of gratitude to Harry Reid for having made this[...]

See What Krauthammer Said About Trump’s Tweets!

"The tweets are working. I mean if they weren't, they wouldn't be using them. Trump has used it on North[...]

You Won’t Believe Why Obama Didn’t Stop Russian Hacking!

"The idea that Russia gave the election to Donald Trump is absurd.... Knowing about all kinds of intrusions by the[...]

VIDEO: Could Securing The Border Mean Amnesty?

"I think if you could secure the border, you would get a rush, you would get a national consensus to[...]

Is Tom Price Right For HHS? Krauthammer Weighs In!

"Trump wants to get stuff done. He doesn’t care if he creates an argument for Democrats to say, 'You’re hypocritical[...]

Is Trump’s Victory A Second Reagan Revolution?

"If Trump wins this is an ideologically and electoral revolution of the kind we haven't seen since Reagan... What Trump[...]

Is Trump The New Leader Of The GOP? See What Krauthammer Said!

"I think the test is going to be, can he bring down Paul Ryan... If he's able to get behind[...]

Does Trump Have A Good Temperament?

"Even the most experienced head of state requires wisdom and delicacy to maintain equilibrium. Trump has neither. His joining of[...]

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