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See How Ann Coulter Called Out Trump’s Immigration Flip-Flop

"Only part he left out was the 'hoops' they'll have to jump through! Trump: 'No citizenship. Let me go a[...]

What Is Mike Pence’s Plan B?

If Donald Trump and Mike Pence lose in 2016, what is Pence's backup plan? See his plan in the cartoon[...]

Watch Bill O’Reilly Debate Glenn Beck About Trump

"Trump has people chanting, 'Put them in jail, put them in jail' about the press. When is someone's opinion on[...]

Why Won’t The Media Report Hillary’s Lies?

Why won't the liberal media report Hillary's lies rather than twisting Trump's words? See the cartoon to find out!

Here’s What Trump Meant With His 2nd Amendment Comments

"On the Second Amendment everybody came to my defense because there was nothing said wrong. I'm talking about the power[...]

Did Trump Call For Hillary’s Assassination? Or Is The Media Lying?

Donald Trump said that "2nd amendment people" could stop Hillary if she appointed anti-gun judges. Was he implying that they[...]

Watch What Donald Trump Said About “2nd Amendment People” And Hillary

"By the way, and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment[...]

Is Trump’s Campaign Unraveling?

Is Donald Trump's campaign unraveling -- or can he bounce back? See the cartoon to find out!

Is Trump’s Endorsement Good News For Paul Ryan?

Is Donald Trump's endorsement good news or bad news for Paul Ryan? See the cartoon to find out!

Is There A Media Jihad Against Trump?

"And as we all know, the American media leans sharply left, so we the people are often barraged with propaganda[...]

Is Donald Trump’s Campaign On Fire?

Is Donald Trump's campaign on fire? See the cartoon to see who will help Trump douse the flames of controversy[...]

You Won’t Believe What Trump Said About The Iraq War!

"If I was President, because his son died 12 years ago, if I were President, his son wouldn’t have died,[...]

Who’s Right? Donald Trump or Khizr Khan?

Donald Trump is currently feuding with Khizr Khan, a father of a slain Muslim veteran who spoke at the DNC.[...]

Should Vladimir Putin Release Hillary’s Missing Emails?

If Russia could hack the DNC, they could definitely hack Hillary's server. Should Putin release Hillary's emails, as Donald Trump[...]

Will Crooked Hillary Cheat Her Way To Victory?

The crooked Clintons only have one way to seize power and win elections -- cheating! See the cartoon to see[...]

Can Trump Win Over Sanders Supporters?

Can Donald Trump win over Bernie Sanders supporters? Does he even need them? Let us know your thoughts by voting[...]

Does It Matter If The Muslim Ban Is Unconstitutional?

"People were so upset when I used the word Muslim... But just remember this: Our Constitution is great. But it[...]

Who Was The Best GOP Convention Speaker?

Who was the best speaker at the Republican National Convention? Make your pick by voting in our CBC member poll!

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