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Trump Asks: Who Let The Dogs Out?!

The media constantly hounds Trump -- this week, media hounds dogged him with questions about his donations to vets. See[...]

Is #NeverTrump Candidate Actually Voting For Trump?

"I vote for Donald Trump. I'm not one of these conservatives who said, 'I'm just going to take my ball[...]

Is Third-Party Bid A “Stab In The Back” For Trump?

"I think it's a mistake for conservatives to run another candidate with the explicit intent essentially of blocking Trump from[...]

You Won’t Believe Which Senator Is Supporting Trump!

"I think Donald Trump is a phenomenon. I don't believe Donald Trump is going to change the Republican Party in[...]

How Sen. Mitch McConnell Really Feels About Donald Trump (Author Interview)

In our exclusive podcast author interview with Sen. McConnell, he tells us how he overcame polio at a young age,[...]

Should Trump Debate Sanders?

Should Donald Trump debate Sen. Bernie Sanders? Vote in our CBC member poll!

See How Donald Trump Attacked Bill Kristol

"All the guy wants to do is kill people and go to war… even though he knows it’s not working...[...]

Is Clinton “Groping” For A Way To Attack Trump?

"Hillary is throwing the kitchen sink and hoping something will stick to the wall.... And I think they are groping[...]

Are #NeverTrump Supporters Just DC Elites?

"Trump probably isn't going to carry Manhattan and the suburbs of Washington D.C., that's the #NeverTrump movement." -- Ann Coulter

Is Trump Right About Bill Clinton and Women?

Is Donald Trump right about Bill Clinton's treatment of women? Vote in our CBC Member Poll!

Did Jihadis Blow Up The Missing Egyptian Plane?

"We are being taken advantage of by radical Islamic terrorists and this world is changing. And another couple of planes[...]

How Trump Will Remodel The White House

Will Donald Trump remodel the White House? See his plans in the cartoon

Will Kasich Run Third-Party Against Trump?

"I've had a phone call with somebody that wanted me to run, consider running as a third-party candidate. I'm not[...]

You Won’t Believe What Charles Krauthammer Called Trump

"Trump has made it clear he’s not a conservative. He’s a nationalist populist. There are a lot of arguments in[...]

You Won’t Believe What Trump Said About Planned Muslim Ban

"We have a serious problem. It’s a temporary ban. It hasn’t been called for yet. Nobody’s done it. This is[...]

You Won’t Believe What Ann Coulter Said About Trump and Paul Ryan

"I think it shows that Trump is being unbelievably gracious, he doesn’t need to have this meeting. The people are[...]

Does The GOP Need To Build Trump’s Wall?

“I would say the Republican Party in Washington should not ignore Trump’s voters.... They’ve got to demonstrate a good-faith effort[...]

You Won’t Believe How Trump Is “Slighting Speaker Ryan”!

Has Donald Trump slighted House Speaker Paul Ryan by openly disparaging his agenda in Congress? See the cartoon...

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