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Who Treats The Troops Better: Trump or Obama?

Who treats our troops better: Pres. Trump or Pres. Obama?

Pres. Donald Trump’s Top 5 Conservative Books

Don't be like the ignorant fake news media -- check out Donald Trump's 5 best conservative books!

The Top 8 Conservative Books About Donald Trump

Donald Trump won by running as an outsider and promising to "Make America Great Again". Here are the top 8[...]

Want To Win At Life? Learn “The Art of the Donald”

Want to win like Trump? Listen to our interview with The Daily Caller's Chris Bedford about his new book, "The[...]

Who’s Right: Bob Corker or Pres. Trump?

Pres. Trump is a new Twitter feud with Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN). Who is right? Vote now!

15 Ways Trump Made Poetry Great Again

Trump has the best words -- and the best poems! "Cheers" screenwriter Rob Long has turned tweets into verse in[...]

Should Trump Bail Out Puerto Rico?

Should Pres. Trump bail out Puerto Rico? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

7 Conservative Celebrities Who Should Run For Office

Trump shocked elites when he ran for President. We've found 7 more conservative celebrities who can help make America great[...]

Why the NFL is Not a “Safe Space” for Political Grievances

Are you having a hard time empathizing with the protesting NFL football players? You know, the ones who became rich[...]

You Won’t Believe How the NFL TV Ratings Are Doing!

Shockingly, the NFL television ratings are at the lowest they've been in almost a generation. Our favorite cartoonist, Michael Ramirez[...]

Should Trump Make A DACA Deal With Democrats?

In a stunning reversal,, Pres. Trump and Democrats have announced a deal that would preserve DACA. Should Trump make this[...]

Did Trump Make A Bad Deal With Schumer? Watch One GOP Congressman Call Him Out

After Trump made a debt deal with Chuck Schumer, Rep. Sean Duffy had some harsh words for the President. Watch[...]

Kathy Griffin Is At It Again! Watch Her Attack Trump

Kathy Griffin is back on the attack after retracting her apology for an offensive anti-Trump photoshoot on Australian TV. Watch[...]

Hillary Called Trump Creepy — Has She Met Her Husband Before?

Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s upcoming memoir have been released, featuring her twisted take on her crushing 2016 loss. In one […]

Check Out Trump’s New Golf Course In Afghanistan

Pres. Trump isn't just going to end terrorism in Afghanistan -- he's gonna golf! Check out his latest golf course[...]

Should Trump Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Should Pres. Trump use a presidential pardon on Maricopa County, Arizona's controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Vote in our CBC reader[...]

Who Will Trump Fire Next?

The Apprentice is back -- in the West Wing! The past few weeks have seen many WH officials lose their[...]

Bye Bye, Bannon: Do You Approve Of His Firing?

It's official: Steve Bannon has been fired by Pres. Trump. Do you support this move or not? Vote in our[...]

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