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The Plot To Destroy Donald Trump Is Underway

A year into his presidency, Trump has a target on his back that’s bigger than ever

9 Ways The Left Is Trying To Undermine Trump

Since his election, the Left has worked nonstop to undermine him, from campuses to Congress. Here are 9 Ways The[...]

The Top 5 Ed Klein Books

Ed Klein is back with a new book, "All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump." Before you check that[...]

Ed Klein Endorses The Conservative Book Club!

Ed Klein, author of the new Hillary expose "Guilty As Sin", has endorsed the Conservative Book Club! See his message[...]

The 5 Questions Hillary MUST Answer

What things should the moderators ask about in the upcoming 2nd presidential debate? Author and investigative journalist Ed Klein gave[...]

Ed Klein Discloses Hillary’s Health Issues (Part 2 Interview)

In our exclusive Part 2 author interview with Ed Klein, he reveals what's really going on with Hillary Clinton's health,[...]

Ed Klein Reveals Bombshell Facts About Hillary FBI Investigation

In our "Part One" bombshell interview with author Ed Klein, he reveals stunning secrets about what really happened in the[...]

Why is Hillary So “Unlikeable?” (Author Interview: Ed Klein)

Bestselling author, Ed Klein, emailed us his answers to questions we asked him about his new book, Unlikeable: The Problem with […]

Special CBC Author Interview w/ Ed Klein About “Emailgate”

Special CBC Author Interview with Ed Klein on the Hillary's "Emailgate" scandal, and how he learned Valerie Jarrett was source.

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