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Who Will Win The South Carolina Primary?

Who will win the South Carolina GOP primary?

Which GOP Candidates Should Drop Out Of The Race?

The GOP primary season has already begun. Which candidates do you think should drop out of the race?

Who Will Win The GOP New Hampshire Primary?

Sen. Ted Cruz has won the Iowa caucus -- but who's going to win the GOP New Hampshire primary on[...]

Who Will Win The 8th GOP Debate?

On Feb. 6th, ABC will air the 8th GOP debate, live from New Hampshire (the primary is on Feb. 9th).[...]

Who Will Win The Iowa Caucus?

Who will win the GOP Iowa caucus? Will it be frontrunner Donald Trump -- or can a candidate who is[...]

Top 5 Takeaways Of The 7th GOP Debate

Last night, Fox News hosted the 7th GOP debate. Donald Trump opted out, Sen. Rand Paul came back, and there[...]

Who Won The 7th GOP Debate?

Last night, the 7th GOP debate was held -- the last one before the Iowa primary on Feb. 1, 2016.[...]

Who Will Win The Seventh GOP Debate?

Fox News is hosting the 7th GOP debate on January 28th, 2016 -- the last debate to be held before[...]

Which Candidate Won The 6th GOP Debate?

On January 14th, seven GOP candidates took the stage for the 6th primary debate, hosted by the Fox Business Channel.[...]

Who’s Going To Win The Next GOP Debate?

On January 14th, the top six GOP candidates will participate in the sixth GOP primary debate. Which candidate do you[...]

Trump Thinks Jeb Bush Isn’t Worth Talking About Anymore

"Jeb is doing very poorly in the polls -- 5%? I think I'm going to stop talking about him. I[...]

Trump Busts Bush Over 9/11

"Look, look, Jeb said we were safe with my brother. Well, the World Trade Center just fell down! Now, am[...]

Donald Trump Says Hedge Funds Control Both Bush And Clinton

"Hillary and Jeb in particular are totally controlled by the hedge fund guys and the Wall Street guys, but hedge[...]

According To CBC Members, Ted Cruz Won First Debate

A plurality of CBC members thought Sen. Ted Cruz won the first debate. However, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio came[...]

CBC’s First GOP Debate Awards

Learn who the winners and losers were from last night, including the best zinger, best sparing, breakthrough performance, and who[...]

CBC Members Thought Ted Cruz Would Win The First Debate!

Going into the first GOP debates last night, we wanted to see which candidate CBC members thought would win the[...]

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