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No Duh, Joe! Scarborough Admits What Every Conservative Already Knew

"I am a Republican, but I'm not going to be a Republican anymore."

Who’d Win In A WWE Wrestling Match: Donald Trump or Joe Scarborough?

Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough are feuding. We know Trump has wrestled the WWE's Vince McMahon and even CNN, but[...]

Is Mika Even Worth Trump’s Time? Listen To What Bill O’Reilly Said About Trump’s Twitter And Kate’s Law

"If I was advising President Trump I would tell him that nobody cares about Morning Joe... who cares? So they[...]

Could Nominating Cruz Cost The GOP The Senate?

"I can't say this enough, it's just the reality. Ted Cruz is the worst-case scenario for Senate candidates, even worse[...]

What Do Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Have In Common?

"What do Bernie and Trump have in common? ...They are basically both against what the Bush family and the Clinton[...]

Joe Scarborough Thinks Trump Is Underestimated, Would Be Good As President

"Donald Trump goes into negotiations and it's a zero sum game. He sets himself up so he wins and you[...]

Joe Scarborough Endorses The Conservative Book Club!

MSNBC TV host and former US Congressman Joe Scarborough endorses the Conservative Book Club!

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