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John Kasich News

Will Kasich Run Third-Party Against Trump?

"I've had a phone call with somebody that wanted me to run, consider running as a third-party candidate. I'm not[...]

Which GOP Candidate Will Win Indiana?

Which GOP candidate will win the Indiana primary? Vote in our CBC member poll below!

Is Indiana Ted Cruz’s Last Stand?

Will Indiana be Ted Cruz's last stand? See the cartoon...

Cartoon: Cruz and Kasich Try To Block Trump’s Shot In Indiana

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have teamed up, with the expressed goal of preventing Donald Trump from winning more primaries.[...]

Giuliani Slams Cruz And Kasich’s Backroom Deal Against Trump

"They [the people] don’t like these sneaky things are done and people pass bills they don’t read. Trump represents something[...]

Cruz and Kasich Team Up To Stump Trump — Do You Approve Or Not?

Ted Cruz and John Kasich have openly teamed up to stop Donald Trump in upcoming primaries by pulling their ads[...]

Trump Calls Out Cruz and Kasich For Teaming Up Against Him

"This horrible act of desperation, from two campaigns who have totally failed, makes me even more determined, for the good[...]

Who Will Win The NY GOP Primary?

Which GOP candidate will win the New York primary on April 19th, 2016? Vote in our member poll below!

Bill O’Reilly Has A Bold Prediction About The GOP Nomination

"Ted Cruz will offer John Kasich the vice president slot before the Republican convention begins. It's a delegate and Ohio[...]

Which Political Rally Would You Want To Attend?

Violence and protests at Donald Trump rallies have been all over the news. Which political rally would you rather attend[...]

Kasich Rebuffs Dropout Talk And Says Cruz Should Drop Out!

"Well, maybe Ted ought to get out because he can't win in the fall. And maybe these people that are[...]

Which GOP Candidate Will Win On March 15th?

The stakes are high for the March 15th primaries -- both Ohio and Florida are up for grabs, the home[...]

Who Won The 12th GOP Debate?

Which GOP candidate won the 12th GOP debate? Vote in our member poll!

Who Will Win The 12th GOP Debate?

Who will win the 12th GOP debate on March 10th?

Post-CPAC: The Top 4 Scenarios to Stop Trump

A reoccurring topic of anti-Trump supports at the annual CPAC 2016 conference was how to stop Donald Trump from winning[...]

Who Won The 11th GOP Debate?

Did you see the 11th GOP debate? Who do you think won? Vote in our CBC member poll!

Who Will Win The 11th GOP Debate?

Who will win the 11th GOP debate on March 3rd? Vote in our CBC Member Poll!

Who Will Win Super Tuesday?

Which GOP candidate win will the most states on Super Tuesday (March 1, 2016)? Vote in our poll below to[...]

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