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Marco Rubio News

Will Marco Rubio Endorse Ted Cruz?

"I hope that my delegates will nominate a conservative. And in my view at this moment, of the candidates that[...]

Marco Rubio Has No Hope — Only “Nope”

Sen. Marco Rubio dropped out of the presidential race yesterday. Although he tried to be the "Republican Obama", he has[...]

Which GOP Candidate Will Win On March 15th?

The stakes are high for the March 15th primaries -- both Ohio and Florida are up for grabs, the home[...]

Marco Rubio Denounces Political Hatred

"We are now a nation where people hate each other. We are now a nation where we are no longer[...]

Who Won The 12th GOP Debate?

Which GOP candidate won the 12th GOP debate? Vote in our member poll!

Should Marco Rubio Exit The Race Before Florida?

Should Sen. Marco Rubio drop out of the GOP primary race before the Florida primary? See the cartoon and tell[...]

Who Will Win The 12th GOP Debate?

Who will win the 12th GOP debate on March 10th?

Post-CPAC: The Top 4 Scenarios to Stop Trump

A reoccurring topic of anti-Trump supports at the annual CPAC 2016 conference was how to stop Donald Trump from winning[...]

Who Won The 11th GOP Debate?

Did you see the 11th GOP debate? Who do you think won? Vote in our CBC member poll!

Who Will Win The 11th GOP Debate?

Who will win the 11th GOP debate on March 3rd? Vote in our CBC Member Poll!

Who Will Win Super Tuesday?

Which GOP candidate win will the most states on Super Tuesday (March 1, 2016)? Vote in our poll below to[...]

Marco Rubio Slams Donald Trump on Israel

"Donald might able to build condos in the Palestinian areas, but this is not a real estate deal" -- Sen.[...]

Who Won The 10th GOP Debate?

Which candidate won the 10th GOP debate on Feb. 25th? Vote in our CBC member poll?

Who Will Win The 10th GOP Debate? Vote Here!

Who will win the 10th GOP debate, taking place on Feb. 25, 2016 at the University of Houston?

Did You See What Rubio Said About Trump?

"Over 70 percent of Republicans nationally have basically said we're not voting for Donald Trump. And as long as that[...]

Who Will Win The Nevada Caucus?

Which GOP candidate do you think will win the Nevada caucus?

Did You Hear What Cruz Is Saying About Trump?

"It is not being honest or candid for either Marco Rubio or Donald Trump to pretend that their records are[...]

Who Will Win The South Carolina Primary?

Who will win the South Carolina GOP primary?

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