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The Top 6 Picks for Pres. Trump’s Next Supreme Court Justice

Check out our top six picks for the next Supreme Court justice! From Sen. Mike Lee to a diverse array[...]

Podcast Special: Interview with Sen. Mike Lee – Nominee for Supreme Court Justice

Sen. Mike Lee is on President Trump's short list for potential Supreme Court justices! CBC interview Sen. Lee recent about[...]

POLL: Should Trump Nominate Sen. Mike Lee To The Supreme Court?

With Justice Anthony Kennedy set to retire, one big name on Pres. Trump's shortlist to replace him is Sen. Mike[...]

Episode #16: Interview with Sen. Mike Lee – A Candid Discussion About His New Book “Written Out of History” and What Will Happen in the 2018 Elections

Exclusive one-on-one interview with Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), discussing his new book, 'Written Out of History: The Forgotten Founders Who Fought[...]

Our Forgotten Founders: Sen. Mike Lee Reveals The Liberal Plan To Erase Our History

Lee reveals the true intentions of our Founders, from the household names to the hidden heroes, in his new book[...]

These Two Senators Have New Books — Check Them Out!

Conservative Sens. Mike Lee and Ben Sasse have new books -- learn more in our weekly CBC Reading Roundup!

Exclusive Author Interview with Sen. Mike Lee

CBC Exclusive Author Interview with constitutional advocate, Sen. Mike Lee, discussing his new book, "Our Lost Constitution."

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