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Ep. 49 – Life Lessons from Vice President Mike Pence

Join us for an intimate interview with Charlotte Pence - daughter of Vice President Mike Pence, as she gives us[...]

Episode #3 – Pence Family Interview: The Vice President and the Most Famous Bunny in the World

We talked with 2nd Lady Karen Pence and her daughter Charlotte Pence about their new children's book, "Marlon Bundo: A[...]

POLL: Do You Stand With The Pences Against John Oliver?

Do you stand with the Pence family against John Oliver's disgusting liberal bias? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Is The Swamp Being Drained? Rush Limbaugh Has A Warning For Mike Pence and Donald Trump

"You guys were sent there to drain the swamp. There’s a clear Trump agenda that just isn’t seeable. It’s not[...]

Mike Pence Explains Why Chelsea Manning Is A Traitor

"Private Manning is a traitor and should not have been turned into a martyr. Private Manning's actions compromised our national[...]

Mike Pence Slams John Lewis’ Comments On Trump!

"You know, we'd even had recounts in this election where the numbers for the president-elect had actually gone up. There's[...]

See Trump and Pence’s Message to the New Congress

“The President-Elect has a clear message (for) Capitol Hill – it’s time to get to work and keep our word […]

Is The Media Being Hypocritical About Trump’s Taiwan Call?

"It’s a little mystifying to me that President Obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba in the[...]

Should “Hamilton” Producers Apologize To Pence?

Should the producers and cast of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" apologize for the way Vice President-elect Mike Pence was treated?[...]

Mike Pence Speaks Out About “Hamilton”

"When we arrived, we heard -- we heard a few boos, we heard some cheers. And I nudged my kids[...]

Cartoon: See Why Mike Pence Is Proud To Stand With Trump

See why Mike Pence is proud to stand by Donald Trump!

Did Mike Pence Consider Dropping Out?

"I'll always keep my conversation with Donald Trump and my family private, but it’s absolutely false to suggest that at[...]

Should Trump Drop Out and Be Replaced by Pence?

Comment below and let us know! In light of the recent audio leak of Donald Trump saying lewd things about[...]

See Why Pence Credits Trump For VP Debate Win

"Some people thought I won, but from where I sat, Donald Trump won. Donald Trump's vision to Make America Great[...]

VIDEO: See Pence Wreck Tim Kaine On Trump Tax Question!

"Donald Trump is a businessman, not a career politician... Like virtually every other business, including the New York Times, he[...]

Who Won The VP Debate?

Who won the 1st VP debate: Mike Pence or Tim Kaine? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

What Issues Will Mike Pence and Tim Kaine Stand On During VP Debate?

What issues -- and what scandals -- will Mike Pence and Tim Kaine use to support themselves during the debate?[...]

Will Mike Pence Win The 1st VP Debate?

Will Mike Pence win the 1st vice presidential debate? Vote below in our CBC member poll!

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