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Cartoon: See Why Mitt Romney Is Eating Crow!

Mitt Romney criticized Trump -- see why now, Romney is eating crow!

Who Will Be Trump’s Secretary of State?

Who will end up being picked to be Trump's Secretary of State? Make your prediction in our CBC reader poll!

You Won’t Believe What Newt Gingrich Said About Mitt Romney

"We will support President-elect Trump in whatever he does, but we will be enormously disappointed if he brought Mitt Romney[...]

Should Romney Be Trump’s Sec. State?

Should Mitt Romney be Trump's Secretary of State? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Should Mitt Romney Run As A 3rd Party Candidate?

Should Mitt Romney run for president as a 3rd party, #NeverTrump option? Make your decision in our CBC member poll!

Member of the Week: Alison Aikele Hawkins (VP of Communications, Financial Services Roundtable)

Meet our CBC Member of the Week - Alison Aikele Hawkins! Alison currently works as Vice President of Communications for[...]
Mitt Romney

Wow! See Who Called Mitt Romney A “Eunuch”!

"Mitt Romney is a fine person, politically he is a eunuch, he has no power inside the Republican party, he[...]

Did You Hear What Mitt Romney Said About Donald Trump’s Taxes?

"I think we have good reason to believe that there’s a bombshell in Donald Trump’s taxes. I think there is[...]

#TBT: When Romney Was Right On Russia Against Obama

During one of the 2012 debates, Mitt Romney said that Russia was the biggest threat to the United States. Considering[...]

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