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“Not The Gulag” — See How Rand Paul Owned Bernie Sanders And Disproved Socialism

"No, no, I'm talking about voluntary groups, not the gulag -- when people join together, large associations with a good[...]

Are We Repealing Obamacare — Or Keeping It?! Hear What Rand Paul Had To Say

"I keep reading this and it sounds like Obamacare, not even Obamacare Lite. It might even be Obamacare-plus on the[...]

Should Comey Have Been Fired EARLIER? See What One GOP Senator Said

"I think it couldn't have happened soon enough. I lost confidence in Comey a long time ago. In fact, I[...]

Should Susan Rice Be Questioned Under Oath?

"I believe Susan Rice abused this system and she did it for political purposes. She needs to be brought in[...]

Feud! You Won’t Believe What Rand Paul Said About John McCain

"You know, I think he makes a really, really strong case for term limits. I think maybe he's past his[...]

Rand Paul Rips GOP Health Plan As “Obamacare Lite”

"The Obamacare lite bill says that you will pay the penalty not to the government, but to the insurance company.[...]

VIDEO: Can Rand Paul Repeal And Replace Obamacare?

"For two years you can sign up whether you've got a preexisting condition or not. After that, if you want[...]

Is The CIA Waging Secret Wars? See What Rand Paul Said!

"I think the CIA needs more oversight. Our intelligence community has very little oversight. There are only eight members of[...]

Who Should Be Trump’s Sec. State? Rand Paul Speaks Out!

"It’s important that someone who was an unrepentant advocate for the Iraq War, who didn’t learn the lessons of the[...]

The Top 10 CBC Quotes of All Time

The Conservative Book Club offers daily conservative quotes — we’ve compiled the ten best quotes we’ve ever featured. See our […]

Who Will Win The Iowa Caucus?

Who will win the GOP Iowa caucus? Will it be frontrunner Donald Trump -- or can a candidate who is[...]

Did You Hear What Rand Paul Said About Rubio And Immigration?

"And I think that's a mistake, and I just don't think Marco can have it both ways. You can't be[...]

Top 5 Takeaways Of The 7th GOP Debate

Last night, Fox News hosted the 7th GOP debate. Donald Trump opted out, Sen. Rand Paul came back, and there[...]

Who Won The 7th GOP Debate?

Last night, the 7th GOP debate was held -- the last one before the Iowa primary on Feb. 1, 2016.[...]

Wow! Rand Paul Says Rubio Is Loyal To Liberals On Immigration

"He is the one for an open border that is leaving us defenseless. If we want to defend the country,[...]

Why Aren’t The Arabs Taking In Refugees?

"One of the biggest supporters of Sunni terrorism in the world is Saudi Arabia, Qatar is up there, UAE is[...]

According To CBC Members, Ted Cruz Won First Debate

A plurality of CBC members thought Sen. Ted Cruz won the first debate. However, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio came[...]

CBC’s First GOP Debate Awards

Learn who the winners and losers were from last night, including the best zinger, best sparing, breakthrough performance, and who[...]

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