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Roseanne Barr News

See What Roseanne Barr Said In Defense Of Trump Supporters!

“You call me a racist. I don’t accept it. I know who I am and I’m not a racist and […]

POLL: Should ABC Axe The Barr-Less “Roseanne” Spinoff?

With the "Roseanne" reboot cancelled, ABC has let the cast come back on spinoff "The Conners" -- without Roseanne Barr![...]

POLL: Was ABC Wrong To Cancel “Roseanne” Over Barr’s Tweets?

Was ABC right or wrong to cancel "Roseanne" after titular star Roseanne Barr went on a racially charged Twitter rampage?[...]

Check Out Roseanne Barr’s New Job At Starbucks!

After getting her show axed via Twitter rants, Roseanne Barr had to find a new job -- at Starbucks! See[...]

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