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Rick Perry First to Drop Out of Presidential Race

Rick Perry has officially suspended his campaign for president of the United States after not being able to catch fire with the GOP electorate.  Perry is the longest serving Texas governor in history after taking over the governorship when George W. Bush vacated his gubernatorial seat for the presidency in 2000.

For a brief time during the 2012 GOP presidential primary, Perry was heralded as a conservative leader and potential frontrunner, popular with the Tea Party base.  His unexpected poor debate performance in Florida, where he could not remember the third agency that he wanted to get rid of, ended with an “oops” moment, literally.

While relegated to the undercard debate in the first GOP presidential debate held on Fox News, it was clear after CNN’s announcement on debate participants for the marquee debate that Perry would once again be left out and would have to debate other low-tiered candidates.

Perry was certainly an enviable force in Texas politics for over a decade  and was largely responsible for an economic golden era that Texas has seen in the last decade, even during the anemic federal economic recovery of the last few years.

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