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Why Won’t The Media Give Trump Credit On Russia? See What He Said!

Why does the media continue to hammer Trump on Russia, regardless of his actual policies? See what Pres. Trump had[...]

Is The Left Trying To Start World War III? See What Tucker Carlson Said!

Is the Left trying to start World War III by provoking Russia rather than admitting they lost in 2016? Watch[...]

Watch What Tucker Carlson Said About The Comey Interview and Trump

Watch Tucker Carlson break down why keeping Comey after inauguration was a mistake for Trump -- and how Comey has[...]

Watch UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s Warning To The Syrian Regime!

See American ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley's strong warning to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad!

You Need To See What Chris Wallace Said About James Comey!

Chris Wallace had some strong reactions to former FBI director James Comey's new anti-Trump book! See what Wallace said about[...]

Is It Time For Jeff Sessions To Resign? See What Mark Levin Said!

Is it finally time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step aside over the Russia investigation? See what Mark Levin[...]

Shocking: See Why Paul Ryan Isn’t Running For Re-Election!

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan isn't running for re-election this November! See why he's stepping out of Congress...

See What Pres. Trump Said About The Michael Cohen Raid!

See Trump's fiery response to the raid on Michael Cohen's office!

See What Pres. Trump Tweeted About “Animal Assad” And Obama!

Pres. Trump has responded to the latest horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria! See what he said about "Animal Assad"!

See Who Newt Gingrich Compared To Pres. Trump On Hannity!

See which past president Newt Gingrich compared to Pres. Trump in his latest appearance on Sean Hannity's show!

Is There A Media Coup Against Trump? Watch What Bill O’Reilly Said!

Is there a media coup against Pres. Donald Trump? Bill O'Reilly continues the fight against fake news -- see what[...]

Should America Withdraw From Syria? Watch Trump’s Speech!

After defeating the ISIS caliphate, should America withdraw from Syria? Watch Pres. Trump's speech and see what he had to[...]

C.S. Lewis and Why He Believed in Christianity

C.S. Lewis the legendary author The Chronicles of Narnia and devout Christian is one of the most beloved individuals in[...]

Mark Levin Slams CNN’s Anderson Cooper Over Stormy Daniels Interview!

Mark Levin scolds Anderson Cooper for the "pornification" of the media in a no-holds-barred interview with Sean Hannity! See the[...]

Trump Takes On Amazon and Jeff Bezos

Trump has been at odds with Amazon and Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos.  Axios reported that Trump is ready to[...]

Is Mitt Romney Harder On Immigration Than Trump? See What He Said

Is Mitt Romney more hawkish on immigration than Trump? See what Mitt Romney said about DACA children and deportation!

Watch Tucker Carlson Take Down Parkland Agitator David Hogg!

Watch Tucker Carlson take down Parkland agitator David Hogg!

See Trump Stand Up To Congress On DACA and The Wall!

See how Trump stood up to Congress on DACA and the border wall -- and why he might veto the[...]

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