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Donald Trump

ARTICLE: WATCH: President Trump Speaks At CPAC!

“Think of it, $20 trillion. It’s doubled. And we inherited a foreign policy marked by one disaster after another. We

Rafael Cruz

ARTICLE: See Why Ted Cruz Is Thanking Harry Reid

“Because Harry Reid employed the so-called nuclear option, broke the Senate rules to change the Senate rules. Lowered the confirmation

george will

ARTICLE: Will Conservatives Betray Trump?

“I think when conservatives realize all that you embrace when you embrace protectionism, enormous executive discretion, government planning… when they

Donald Trump 3

ARTICLE: President Trump Denounces Anti-Semitism

“I think it’s horrible. Whether it’s anti-Semitism or racism or any , anything you wanna think about having to do

Bill O'Reillyy

ARTICLE: O’Reilly Slams Democrat Denial On Illegal Immigration!

“Every time, and I mean every time the subject of criminal illegal aliens arises, the Democratic Party will not engage.

Donald Trump 2

ARTICLE: Is Trump The Fox News President?

“He is the, he is the Fox News president! Everything that he says, we’ve said.” — Greg Gutfeld

Donald Trump

ARTICLE: Did Trump Inherit A Mess?

“But it’s very important to me, but this isn’t Donald Trump that divided a nation. We went eight years with

Rand Paul

ARTICLE: VIDEO: Can Rand Paul Repeal And Replace Obamacare?

“For two years you can sign up whether you’ve got a preexisting condition or not. After that, if you want

Trump Krauthammer

ARTICLE: See What Krauthammer Said About Intel Leaks And Flynn!

“Look, we cannot have our intelligence agencies eavesdropping on Americans and releasing it to the press.” — Charles Krauthammer

Hugh Hewitt 2

ARTICLE: Hugh Hewitt Schools The Media On Their Anti-Trump Pile-On!

“I think most people in America are getting tired of the pile on 24/7 of the new president.” — Hugh

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