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ARTICLE: Is America Inviting Sharia Law Into Our Culture?

The threat of Sharia law is more visible than ever — but are Westerners, and Americans especially, inviting radical Islam

ARTICLE: The Jihad Against Free Speech (Interview: Robert Spencer)

Jihad Watch founder Robert Spencer is back to defeat jihad and defend free speech with his latest book, “The Complete

ARTICLE: Safe Space Snowflakes Want College To Be Daycare. Will They Ever Grow Up?

College kids freak when confronted with any opinion that isn’t liberal. Dr. Everett Piper has the solution to safe spaces

ARTICLE: One Last Flight: The True WWII Story of Capt. Jerry Yellin

WWII was technically over, but for three hours after Japan’s unconditional surrender, brave American soldiers fought on in the skies

ARTICLE: Were The Nazis Left-Wing? Dinesh D’Souza Reveals The Stunning Truth

The left loves accusing the right of being fascists — but the Nazis, the National SOCIALISTS, were left-wing! Dinesh D’Souza

ARTICLE: Israelis or Palestinians: Who Was There First?

The Israel-Palestine conflict has been a thorn in the side of Presidents from Truman to Trump. But who has the

ARTICLE: Check Out The Science Thriller You Need To Read This Summer (Interview: Michael Guillen)

This summer has so many great books to choose from — but none offer as much science-packed action as Michael

ARTICLE: Exclusive Interview With Milo Yiannoupoulos

In an exclusive author interview, Milo Yiannopoulos gives us all a free course in how to be dangerous to the

ARTICLE: Could The Deep State Overthrow The Government (Author Interview: Ben Coes)

Could the infamous “deep state” overthrow the US government? We’ve interviewed Ben Coes, author of the Dewey Andreas series of

ARTICLE: Agent Zigzag: The Amazing WWII Spy You’ve Definitely Never Heard Of

Meet Agent Zigzag, the WWII English double agent who proved so good at his job that his handlers, confused, thought

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