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Ep. 34 – The State of the Conservative Movement (Interview with Bob McEwen – Executive Director, Council for National Policy)

Learn about the Council for National Policy, which is considered the “intersection” of the conservative movement and is one of the most influential organizations in American politics.  We interviewed their esteemed Executive Director, former Rep. Bob McEwen, about CNP, President Trump, and the state of the conservative movement.


  • 3:39 Discover how government, business, and academia intersect to form CNP, “the Rotary Club of the conservative movement!”
  • 8:05 Trump might not be quoting Hayek or von Mises, McEwen says, but our president is restoring free trade and rescuing the American economy – and that’s pretty conservative.
  • 9:30 Did you know that Reagan faced even more hatred and opposition than Trump faces today?
  • 13:00 Hear about the fall of the USSR from the the only American dignitary in the Kremlin the day the Soviet Union fell!
  • 15:10 Learn about the Democrats’ love affair with socialism, and how it all started when universities stopped teaching civics and started teaching “the problems of democracy.”
  • 19:50 Is Bob McEwen optimistic about the future of America? You might be surprised.


  • Bob McEwen is a former United States congressman and current Executive Director of the Council for National Policy.
  • Rep. McEwen was elected by his colleagues to two of the most coveted positions in the U. S. Congress; the Select Committee on Intelligence which oversees all of our nation’s secrets, and the powerful House Committee on Rules which has jurisdiction over all legislation in the Congress. As one of only four Republicans on the thirteen-member Rules Committee, Rep. McEwen managed nearly one-third of all legislation on the House floor for the Republican side of the Congressional aisle.
  • Rep. McEwen has often been selected as a negotiator to bring resolution to Senate and House conference committee impasses on dozens of pieces of legislation, particularly those affecting public works, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and international relations.
  • Rep. McEwen is a leading advocate for pro-family interests and free-market economics, and is married to the former Liz Boebinger, of Canton, Ohio. Together they have four children.



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