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ARTICLE: Special CBC Author Interview w/ Ed Klein About “Emailgate”

Special CBC Author Interview with Ed Klein on the Hillary’s “Emailgate” scandal, and how he learned Valerie Jarrett was source.


ARTICLE: Has The Left Killed Free Speech At Berkeley?

Has the Left killed free speech on campus? See Michael Ramirez’s cartoon to find out!


ARTICLE: CBC Reading Roundup Apr. 24-28 2017

Miss any of this week’s CBC content? Check out CBC’s Reading Roundup to see the hottest books, funniest cartoons, and

Larry Elder

ARTICLE: Larry Elder’s Top 10 Books Every Conservative Must Read

In this exclusive author interview, we asked radio host and prominent conservative Larry Elder which 10 books he thought every

paul ryan trump

ARTICLE: Should Congress Pass Trump’s Tax Plan?

Should Congress pass Trump’s tax plan? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

illegals sign

ARTICLE: Is Not Building The Wall Equivalent To A Government Shutdown? See What Ann Coulter Said

“Not having a wall is the definition of a government shutdown. The basic purpose of government is to keep us

Hillary Clinton

ARTICLE: Hillary Clinton’s Colossal Failure Gets an Autopsy in “Shattered”

Political journos Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes dissect why Hillary Clinton lost in “Shattered”.

Rafael Cruz

ARTICLE: Who Should Pay For The Wall? Ted Cruz Has A Creative Answer

“El Chapo led the Sinaloa drug cartel. There is a sense of justice. A sense of, this is what is


ARTICLE: Liberal Fascists Burn Conservative Books At Berkeley!

After driving Ann Coulter away, will liberal fascists at Berkeley move on to burning her books? See the cartoon to

Mark Levin

ARTICLE: What’s Better: Deals or Victory? Here’s What Mark Levin Said About Building Trump’s Wall

“Build the damn wall! The art of the deal, screw the art of the deal. It should be the art


ARTICLE: Will Trump “Hit The Wall” If The Government Shuts Down?

Trump has made a lot of progress in his first 100 days — but could he lose momentum if the

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