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ARTICLE: Special CBC Author Interview w/ Ed Klein About “Emailgate”

Special CBC Author Interview with Ed Klein on the Hillary’s “Emailgate” scandal, and how he learned Valerie Jarrett was source.


ARTICLE: Cartoon: Washington Cannot Tell An Alternative Fact!

Kellyanne Conway went viral with her “alternative facts” quote; see why George Washington couldn’t tell one in the cartoon!


ARTICLE: Cartoon: Obama’s Legacy Is Getting Shredded!

Obama is gone, and so are his executive orders! See what President Trump will do to Obama’s orders in the

donald trump 2

ARTICLE: Is The Media Lying About Trump’s Inauguration Crowd?

Is the dishonest media lying and spreading fake news about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd? Vote in our CBC

Donald Trump

ARTICLE: Here’s How Trump Will Make Industry Great Again!

“So when somebody wants to put up a factory it will be expedited. And you have to go through the

donald trump 2

ARTICLE: Will Trump’s Cabinet Be The Smartest In History?

“I tell you what. One thing we’ve learned is we have by far the highest I.Q. of any cabinet that


ARTICLE: Movie Review: Martin Scorsese’s “Silence”

Director Martin Scorsese recently told Agence France-Presse that he was “constantly discouraged” from making his newest film, Silence. He added that “three or

Mike Pence

ARTICLE: Mike Pence Explains Why Chelsea Manning Is A Traitor

“Private Manning is a traitor and should not have been turned into a martyr. Private Manning’s actions compromised our national

Chelsea Manning

ARTICLE: Was Obama’s Commutation of Chelsea Manning’s Sentence A Good Move?

Pres. Obama has, as part of his final pardons, commuted the sentence of convicted traitor and data-leaker Chelsea Manning from

Newt Gingrich

ARTICLE: Is Lame-Duck Obama’s Legacy Just Golf? See What Gingrich Said!

“I described Obama as an incredible shrinking man, it’s like watching air come out of a balloon. Between now and


ARTICLE: Would John Lewis Prefer An Illegal Immigrant Be President?

Rep. John Lewis thinks Donald Trump is an illegitimate President, but that illegal immigrants are legitimate citizens. Does he want

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