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Movie Review: “Mission Impossible: Fallout”

Tom Cruise is back and still doing his own amazing stunts as Ethan Hunt in the 6th "Mission Impossible" film[...]

POLL: Is The Entire Russian Collusion Case A Democrat Hoax?

Is the much-ballyhooed Russian collusion investigation nothing more than a Democrat deep state hoax? See Trump's tweet and vote in[...]

Episode #25 – Dinesh D’Souza Interview: A New Book, New Movie, and the Dark History of the Democratic Party

Learn the dark history of the Democrat Party in our exclusive interview with Dinesh D'Souza as he discusses his new[...]

A Tale of Two Americas: Democrat Hysteria and GOP Prosperity

Looking at the news, it's as if we all live in two Americas: liberals think the sky is falling, but[...]

D’Souza Reveals 5 Historical Facts Democrats Don’t Want You To Know

Read our list of 5 Historical Facts Democrats Don't Want You To Know to learn the hidden truth about the[...]

You Won’t Believe The Latest Dem Insanity On Immigration!

Even by dim-bulb Democrat standards, their latest immigration policy demand is insane! See how Democrats want to abolish ICE in[...]

POLL: Has Michael Cohen Betrayed Pres. Donald Trump?

Has former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen betrayed Pres. Trump? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Weekly Roundup: Spicer’s New Book and Pirro’s Feud With Whoopi

In this week's roundup, check out Sean Spicer's new book, our podcast interview with him, and the feud between Jeanine[...]

Whoopi vs. Pirro Proves “The View” Fails At Politics And Entertainment

The much-publicized fight between Whoopi Goldberg and Jeanine Pirro proves that the biased daytime show "The View" fails at politics[...]

See What Roseanne Barr Said In Defense Of Trump Supporters!

“You call me a racist. I don’t accept it. I know who I am and I’m not a racist and […]

Episode #24 – George Gilder Interview: Google Marxism and the End of Privacy

Legendary economist and technological icon George Gilder tells the story of how Google took over the internet, ended our privacy[...]

Movie Review: “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”

Is the new Mr. Rogers documentary, "Won't You Be My Neighbor", any good? Read our review to see if it's[...]

See Why The Not-So-Wily Dems Can’t Catch Donald Trump!

The Democrats are desperate to find a scandal that sticks to Pres. Donald Trump, but they just can't catch him![...]

Episode #23 – Sean Spicer Interview: Fmr. White House Press Secretary Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Stories of Early Trump Administration

Learn the background story of one of the most consequential figures in the early Trump administration as Spicer discusses his[...]

Future Female Leaders Reviews The Conservative Book Club Podcast!

If you haven't joined the Conservative Book Club Podcast community, you're missing out! From authors to organizations to listeners just[...]

POLL: BJ’s Wholesale Shows Political Bias Against Sean Spicer. Will You Boycott Them?

A BJ's Wholesale in Massachusetts cancelled a stop on Sean Spicer's book tour over the "political climate". Will you boycott[...]

Hey Libs — Anyone Could Do Voter Fraud In Left-Wing San Francisco!

For all their whining about Russian collusion, liberals are more than eager to let non-citizens register to vote in places[...]

10 Things You Never Knew About Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Former Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer has released a new memoir detailing his life, career and, of course, his time[...]

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