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Political Cartoons

Et Tu, Omarosa? See How Trump Is Reacting To Her Sour Grapes!

Trump reality TV protege and backstabber Omarosa Manigault has released a hit-piece book on Pres. Trump. See how Trump reacted[...]

See The Kneeling NFL’s Disgraceful New Logo!

The NFL used to run an all-American sport, but kneeling anti-American protesters have brought it shame! See their disgraceful new[...]

Sorry Dems, The American People Don’t Want To Do The “Blue Wave”!

Delusional Dems are counting on a "blue wave" to win the 2018 midterms -- they can't handle the truth! See[...]

Look At Losers Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer Celebrate Almost Winning!

The Democrats are such losers that they've resorted to celebrating almost-victories in a number of House races! See the cartoon[...]

See How The New York Times Is Racist Against White People!

The failing New York Times has outdone itself this time! See how their new hire proves they are racist against[...]

Washington Crossed The Delaware, Trump Crosses The Swamp!

We all know the famous painting of George Washington crossing the frozen Delaware River, but now there's a new painting[...]

Kooky California Libs Want To Ban… Plastic Straws?!

The liberals in California are even crazier than the rest -- see how they're gunning for plastic drinking straws in[...]

A Tale of Two Americas: Democrat Hysteria and GOP Prosperity

Looking at the news, it's as if we all live in two Americas: liberals think the sky is falling, but[...]

You Won’t Believe The Latest Dem Insanity On Immigration!

Even by dim-bulb Democrat standards, their latest immigration policy demand is insane! See how Democrats want to abolish ICE in[...]

See Why The Not-So-Wily Dems Can’t Catch Donald Trump!

The Democrats are desperate to find a scandal that sticks to Pres. Donald Trump, but they just can't catch him![...]

Hey Libs — Anyone Could Do Voter Fraud In Left-Wing San Francisco!

For all their whining about Russian collusion, liberals are more than eager to let non-citizens register to vote in places[...]

You Won’t Believe The FBI’s Peter Strzok Movie!

Biased FBI agent Peter Strzok has a movie -- see how ridiculous it is in the cartoon! 

See What Pres. Trump Asked Putin About Hillary’s Emails!

The Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, Finland has ended. See what Pres. Trump asked Vladimir Putin about Hillary's 30,000 missing emails!

See How Conservative Justices Are Restoring Our Constitution!

After decades of liberal judicial activism, the impending conservative majority on the Supreme Court is restoring our Constitution and originalist[...]

She’s Running Again?! See Why Dems Are Screaming At Hillary

Crooked Hillary Clinton refuses to go away! See why Dems are freaking out over a possible 2020 run for Clinton[...]

The “Resistance” Is Melting Down Over Brett Kavanaugh!

Pres. Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Justice Kennedy -- and the deranged leftist "Resistance" is melting down[...]

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Are “The Irrationals”!

Democrat leaders are far from incredible -- they're downright nuts! See why Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are "The Irrationals"[...]

See Why ISIS Wants ICE Iced For Good!

It's not just Democrats that want to destabilize the border and abolish ICE -- ISIS agrees with them! See the[...]

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