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Political Cartoons

Democrats Have Celebs, Conservatives Have The Founders!

Democrats brag all the time about the support they get from biased Hollywood, but conservatives have something better — the […]

See How Capitol Hill Is Drowning In A Flood of Red Ink!

Hurricane Florence has receded, but Capitol Hill is still drowning in a flood of red ink! See more in the[...]

When It Comes To Kavanaugh, Democrats Are Lying With Pigs!

In their dogged pursuit to prevent Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, Democrats have gotten into the mud, lying with pigs! See how[...]

Google? More Like “Googleft” — See How Biased They Are!

What happens when you Google Google? Examples upon examples of their liberal bias show up! See how they are really[...]

Bob Woodward’s New Screed Is Juvenile Fiction!

Put Bob Woodward's new book with Harry Potter and Dr. Seuss in the juvenile fiction section! See more in the cartoon!

See How SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Dunked On Dems!

Ignore the liberal media -- Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings were a slam dunk against the dim Democrats! See more in[...]

Guess What Serena Williams and Maxine Waters Have In Common?

Serena Williams and Rep. Maxine Waters have one key thing in common -- they're both sore losers! See the cartoon[...]

Hey Libs, Here’s Irrefutable Proof That Trump’s Economy Is Thriving!

What do libs love more: doubting Trump or NFL anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick? Well, now they have to choose --[...]

Hey Nike, Honor Those Who Actually Sacrificed For America!

Nike has decided to make NFL anthem kneeler Colin Kaepernick the face of their "Just Do It" campaign, but what[...]

The Russia Investigation Is A Total House of Cards!

It's not on Netflix, but Robert Mueller's Russia investigation is a total house of cards! See why relying on the[...]

See How Michael Cohen Turned Into Pinocchio

Michael Cohen has turned on Pres. Trump -- see how this lying lawyer is turning into Pinocchio in the cartoon!

Check Out Nancy Pelosi’s Accurate Slogan For The Dim Democrat Party!

Nancy Pelosi has given the dimwitted Democrat Party a slogan that truly represents their values -- or total lack thereof![...]

Et Tu, Omarosa? See How Trump Is Reacting To Her Sour Grapes!

Trump reality TV protege and backstabber Omarosa Manigault has released a hit-piece book on Pres. Trump. See how Trump reacted[...]

See The Kneeling NFL’s Disgraceful New Logo!

The NFL used to run an all-American sport, but kneeling anti-American protesters have brought it shame! See their disgraceful new[...]

Sorry Dems, The American People Don’t Want To Do The “Blue Wave”!

Delusional Dems are counting on a "blue wave" to win the 2018 midterms -- they can't handle the truth! See[...]

Look At Losers Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer Celebrate Almost Winning!

The Democrats are such losers that they've resorted to celebrating almost-victories in a number of House races! See the cartoon[...]

See How The New York Times Is Racist Against White People!

The failing New York Times has outdone itself this time! See how their new hire proves they are racist against[...]

Washington Crossed The Delaware, Trump Crosses The Swamp!

We all know the famous painting of George Washington crossing the frozen Delaware River, but now there's a new painting[...]

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