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Political Cartoons

ARTICLE: Al Franken Is A Hypocritical Creep!

Sen. Al Franken once called Rush Limbaugh a “big fat idiot”. But now we know — Al Franken is a

ARTICLE: Why Isn’t Trump’s Agenda Going Anywhere? Here’s A Hint

Why hasn’t Trump’s legislative agenda gotten off the ground? See the cartoon to find out!

ARTICLE: Colin Kapernick Is Our “Malcontent of the Year”!

The liberal media continues to paint Colin Kaepernick as some heroic martyr, but patriots know the truth — he’s a

ARTICLE: How Did Mexico Pay For China’s Great Wall?

Pres. Trump is currently on a diplomatic mission to China. See what he said about Great Walls to Chinese President

ARTICLE: Nothing Stops Evil Like A Good Guy With A Gun

Liberals berate patriots across America for owning guns — but all it takes to stop evil is one good guy

ARTICLE: Are High Taxes Stalling America’s Economy?

Are high corporate taxes stalling the engine of America’s economy? See the cartoon to find out!

ARTICLE: God Bless Texas — America Is With You!

This Sunday saw a horrific mass shooting at a church in Sutherland, Texas. 27 people lost their lives to Devin

ARTICLE: See Why Chuck Schumer Has Blood On His Hands

A new Chucky is causing chaos this Halloween season! Chuck Schumer backed the diversity lottery program that allowed ISIS terrorist

ARTICLE: Beware The Lying Media’s W.M.Ds!

The lying media uses many tools to spread fake news across America. See Michael Ramirez’s cartoon to learn about the

ARTICLE: See How The Russia Dossier Backfired On Democrats!

The Democrats have spent months crowing over their much-hyped Russia investigation into Trump — but now it’s backfired! See how

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