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ARTICLE: Will The Swamp Ever Be Drained?

Pres. Trump promised to drain the swamp, but it hasn’t looked too good thus far. Is the swamp just too


ARTICLE: The Character Assassination Of Pres. Trump By The Coward Lying Media

We’ve had Booth, Oswald and Hinckley — but Trump faces a much more insidious threat! See the cartoon to see


ARTICLE: Check Out Lying Hillary’s Latest Get-Rich-Quick Political Scam!

Hillary Clinton refuses to leave America alone — she’s back with a new PAC, to make even more money off


ARTICLE: The Lying Media Is Throwing Tantrums At The White House Press Briefings

The lying media is constantly interrupting the White House Press Briefing with their outbursts. See the cartoon to laugh at

Scannable Document

ARTICLE: Phony Democrat Hypocrites Stand With Comey!

Democrats have made FBI Director Comey into a martyr — even though they’ve been calling for his head for months!


ARTICLE: Will Obamacare Sink The GOP? Lying Dems Say Yes!

Obamacare is sinking — but now Democrats say the GOP and Pres. Trump “own” the disaster, and are thusly to


ARTICLE: Is The GOP Mired In The Swamp?

The GOP has gotten majorities in Congress and the White House, but seems to be stuck. Are they just too


ARTICLE: The GOP Is Going To Destroy Obamacare Root And Branch — Here’s How

The American Health Care Act is poised to finally destroy Obamacare. See how the GOP will fully end Obamacare in


ARTICLE: Can Paul Ryan Herd Cats To Finally Repeal Obamacare?

Congress is having another vote on the American Health Care Act today — can Paul Ryan herd cats and get


ARTICLE: You Won’t Believe Who And What Hillary Is Blaming For Her Loss Now

Hillary claims to take “personal responsibility” for her failure, but she’s playing the blame game again! See who she is

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