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ARTICLE: Radical Islamists Are The New “British Invasion”

Radical Islamic terrorists are the new “British Invasion” as proven by this week’s terror attacks in London. See the cartoon


ARTICLE: Neil Gorsuch Is Dunking On Childish Democrats

Neil Gorsuch is making slam-dunks against childish Democrat hysterics in his confirmation hearings. See the cartoon!


ARTICLE: Are Trump’s Russian Ties Weighing Him Down?

Are Pres. Trump’s ties to Russia an albatross around his neck? See the cartoon to find out!


ARTICLE: See Who’s Undermining Trump’s Presidency

Who in the government is trying undermine Trump’s presidency? The answer may surprise you — see the cartoon to find


ARTICLE: Should Trump Cut Funding To Public Television?

Trump’s budget includes cuts to funding for PBS and programs like “Sesame Street”. Do you think Trump should cut funding


ARTICLE: You Won’t Believe How Much Pres. Trump Pays In Taxes

Rachel Maddow served up a big nothing burger when she “revealed” Trump’s tax returns. What you won’t believe is how


ARTICLE: Is The Government Violating The Fourth Amendment?

Is the government violating the 4th Amendment by spying on American citizens? See the cartoon to find out!


ARTICLE: Is Trump Bugging Obama?

Pres. Trump has accused Obama of wiretapping him — is he bugging Obama? See the cartoon to find out!


ARTICLE: Trump Paints A Picture Of His Healthcare Plan

Pres. Trump continues to paint a picture of his healthcare plan for the public. To see what the plan may


ARTICLE: Are Democrats Obsessed With Russia?

Are Democrats obsessed with Russia? See the cartoon to find out!

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