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Phony Comey Is Trump’s Latest Disgruntled Ex-Employee Of The Month

Is Phony Comey just bitter he got canned by Pres. Trump? See why he's the latest White House Disgruntled Ex-Employee[...]

Is The “Mueller Witch Project” A Horror Movie — Or A Comedy Of Errors?

The Mueller witch hunt is getting a movie! Is the "Mueller Witch Project" a horror movie -- or a comedy[...]

See How The FBI Is Running Over Attorney-Client Privilege!

The Michael Cohen raid and trial has totally destroyed attorney-client privilege! See how the FBI was running it over in[...]

Syria’s Assad Belongs On The Cover of MAD Magazine!

Bashar al-Assad -- or Alfred E. Neuman? See why Syria's chemical weapon-using despot belongs in MAD Magazine in the cartoon!

Is The DACA Deal A Welcome Mat For Illegal Immigration From Mexico?

Is the DACA deal a "welcome mat" for waves of illegal immigration from Mexico into America? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon!

See Mexico’s Hypocrisy on Enforcing Immigration Laws!

Mexican leaders attack Trump and America for enforcing our immigration laws, but their immigration laws are harsher! See their hypocrisy[...]

What’s A Dumber Idea: Gun Control Or Eating Tide Pods?

Teens don't just eat detergent and vote for Hillary; they also snort condoms, and whine about why we need gun[...]

What’s Crazier: Eating Detergent, Snorting Condoms, Or Voting Hillary?

Millennials do all sorts of viral stunts, from eating Tide pods to snorting condoms. But are those as crazy as[...]

No Hell? Hell No! See How The Vatican Responded To Pope Francis

No hell? Hell no! See how the Vatican responded to Pope Francis' supposed and controversial theological assertion that hell doesn't[...]

CARTOON: What the Left Really Thinks of Gun Owners!

The Left has this vision that all gun owners are gun-toting Terminators!  What they don't realize that there are millions[...]

See The Stormy Daniels Nor’easter Battering DC!

The Stormy Daniels scandal continues to batter DC and the news cycle -- see the cartoon to see more!

Will DC’s RINOs Ever Go Extinct?

The last male northern white rhino died this past week, but DC's RINOs in Congress are doing fine! Will they[...]

We Found Elizabeth Warren’s Real Family Tree — Check It Out!

Elizabeth Warren likes to claim Indian ancestry, but Michael Ramirez has found her real family tree! See the cartoon to[...]

Hillary Clinton Has Fallen Down — And Won’t Shut Up!

Hillary Clinton should get LifeAlert. After all, she keeps falling down -- and never shuts up! See the cartoon for[...]

See What Pres. Trump Had Installed In His Office!

The White House has had a lot of staff turnover -- so Pres. Trump made some additions to the Oval[...]

Congressional Democrats Are Acting Like Whiny Student Protesters!

Who are the real infants: duped students protesting guns, or congressional Democrats? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon to find out!

Is Trade War Dangling Over Trump’s Head?

Is a trade war looming thanks to Trump's tariff policies? See the cartoon to find out!

Check Out California’s Funny New Road Sign!

California is a sanctuary state, open for illegals -- and closed to job growth! Check out California's funny new road[...]

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