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Political Cartoons

See How Trump Kept Anthem-Bashing Athletes Out Of The White House

Pres. Trump disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles on account of the NFL's anthem protests and anthem policy -- see how he[...]

See The Clever Trap The GOP Has Laid For Dimwit Democrats!

See how the GOP is trapping the dimwit Democrats on taxes in the cartoon!

Check Out Roseanne Barr’s New Job At Starbucks!

After getting her show axed via Twitter rants, Roseanne Barr had to find a new job -- at Starbucks! See[...]

See How Robert Mueller Is Always Spying On Pres. Trump!

Is Robert Mueller spying on Trump everywhere, all the time? See the cartoon to see why the president is looking[...]

Freedom Isn’t Free: See What Our Heroes Sacrifice For Our Safety

Freedom isn't free -- see what America's military heroes have sacrificed to keep us all safe and free in the[...]

See Why Trump Cancelled His Meeting With Kim Jong-un!

Pres. Trump made waves at home and abroad by cancelling the planned summit with North Korea and its leader, Kim[...]

Is Iran The Root Of All Evil In The Middle East? See The Cartoon!

See how Iran is the root of all of the Middle East's woes in Michael Ramirez's latest cartoon!

See What Crooked Hillary Clinton Is Hiding Under Her Russian Hat

Libs cheered on Hillary Clinton for wearing a Russian hat to an Ivy League event. See how many lame excuses[...]

See Why Democratic Defenses of MS-13 Are So Hypocritical

The entire liberal Democrat establishment came to the defense of MS-13 gang members and their humanity after criticism from Trump[...]

After The Latest Mass Shooting, Do We Need To Pull The “Culture Alarm”?

Another horrific mass shooting has occurred, this time in a suburban school in the greater Houston area. Do we need[...]

You Won’t Believe Which Dem Senator PRAISED Trump!

The impossible has happened! First, the American embassy in Israel was finally moved to Jerusalem. Then, Dems actually cheered the[...]

See How Democrats Blind Themselves To Trump’s Accomplishments!

Never Trumpers and Democrats continue to live in a bubble world -- see how they blind themselves to all of[...]

See How President Trump Is Shredding Obama’s Legacy!

The Iran deal is cancelled -- see how President Trump is making America great again by shredding all of Obama's[...]

See How Obama’s Legacy Is Being Erased Out Of History!

The Iran deal is over, Obamacare is doomed, and America is enjoying new tax cuts -- see how Obama's legacy[...]

See How Iran Proves Trump Has More Integrity Than Other Politicians

Pres. Donald Trump isn't a typical politician, at home or abroad! See how his cancellation of the Iran deal proves[...]

See How Hurricane Stormy Daniels Continues To Ravage DC!

The Stormy Daniels scandal is like a hurricane that just won't go away! See how its affecting the Trump administration[...]

You Won’t Believe How Liberals Changed The Boy Scouts Oath

The Boy Scouts have changed their name to Scouts BSA -- and are admitting girls! See how liberals made them[...]

Is Mueller Setting A Trap For President Trump?

Is Robert Mueller setting a trap for President Trump in his ongoing Russia investigation? Find out Mueller's scheme in the[...]

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