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Political Cartoons

Is Big Spender Mitch McConnell A RINO?

Is big spender Sen. Mitch McConnell a RINO? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon to find out!

See How Hillary Clinton and the FBI Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Hillary Clinton and the FBI are partners in crime! See how they're celebrating Valentine's Day in the cartoon!

See Why CNN Supports North Korea At The Olympics

Treasonous CNN hates Pres. Trump so much, they're rooting for North Korea at the Olympics! See the cartoon to see[...]

Learn Who’s Really Holding Up Immigration Reform

So President Trump and President Obama were willing to work with congress to reform our immigration laws. But guess who[...]

See How Hillary Used The DNC Dossier To Play The FBI

See how Hillary Clinton used the Steele dossier to play the FBI!

Dems Looked Like Stone Statues At The State of the Union

Are the Dems taking a vacation on Easter Island? See how they looked like stone statues at Trump's State of[...]

See The Juvenile Democrat Response To Trump’s State of the Union Speech

See how the Democrat Party childishly responded to Trump's State of the Union address!

Will You Be Able To Win State of the Union Bingo?

Tonight, Pres. Trump will deliver his first State of the Union address to Congress. We've found a great bingo game[...]

Is Trump Wrong To Consider Citizenship For “Dreamers”?

Is a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal "Dreamers" the same as amnesty? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon to find[...]

After “Losing” 5 Months Of Texts, Is It FBI or FIB?

The FBI somehow lost 5 months worth of text messages relating to agents Strzok and Page. Is it still the[...]

The FBI Is The Federal Bureau of Insidiousness

They may think of themselves as investigators, but the FBI is the Federal Bureau of Insidiousness! See more in the[...]

Has Congress Just Kicked The Budget Can Down The Road?

Has Congress just kicked the budgetary can down the road? See the cartoon to find out!

Was The Shutdown A Self-Inflicted Wound For Democrats?

Was the government shutdown a self-inflicted wound for the Democrats? See our cartoon to find out!

See The New Congressional Slogan On The Capitol Building

Congress' new motto is incredibly appropriate! See what new slogan they've carved into the Capitol!

CNN’s Jim Acosta Is A Left-Wing Clown!

CNN's Jim Acosta is a left-wing, race-baiting media clown! See his ridiculous question to Pres. Trump in the cartoon!

Pres. Trump Loves Pressing The Left’s Buttons!

No one pisses off the politically correct Left like Pres. Trump! See how he's pressing their big red meltdown buttons[...]

The Democrats Are “Donkey Little”!

The Democrats play the race card so often against conservatives, they've become "Donkey Little"! See why libs think the sky[...]

It’s Always Opposite Day At The Ninth Circuit Court

The Ninth Circuit Court are masters of legal wizardry -- it's always Opposite Day when it comes to their rulings![...]

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