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Political Cartoons

We Found Elizabeth Warren’s Real Family Tree — Check It Out!

Elizabeth Warren likes to claim Indian ancestry, but Michael Ramirez has found her real family tree! See the cartoon to[...]

Hillary Clinton Has Fallen Down — And Won’t Shut Up!

Hillary Clinton should get LifeAlert. After all, she keeps falling down -- and never shuts up! See the cartoon for[...]

See What Pres. Trump Had Installed In His Office!

The White House has had a lot of staff turnover -- so Pres. Trump made some additions to the Oval[...]

Congressional Democrats Are Acting Like Whiny Student Protesters!

Who are the real infants: duped students protesting guns, or congressional Democrats? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon to find out!

Is Trade War Dangling Over Trump’s Head?

Is a trade war looming thanks to Trump's tariff policies? See the cartoon to find out!

Check Out California’s Funny New Road Sign!

California is a sanctuary state, open for illegals -- and closed to job growth! Check out California's funny new road[...]

Which Country Will Really Be Hurt By Trump’s Tariffs?

Trump's tariffs have upset free-marketeers, including cartoonist Michael Ramirez. See his cartoon to see which country might be hurt most[...]

Think You Can Stop Trump? Dream On, Democrats!

Liberals think Democrats can stop Trump -- they really are Dreamers! See the cartoon for more!

Has Trump Opened A Can Of Worms With Tariffs?

Has Pres. Trump opened up a can of worms with his steel tariffs? See the cartoon to find out!

See What Slogan Democrats Can’t Use Anymore!

Dems may have coined the phrase "It's the economy, stupid!" -- but Democrats can't use that anymore now that Trump[...]

Check Out Three Billboards Outside Hollywood, California!

Conservatives should check out these three very correct billboards outside of Hollywood, California! See the cartoon for more!

You Won’t Believe How Obama Forgot All His Scandals

Barack Obama is seriously trying to pretend that his corrupt administration had no scandals. See how Michael Ramirez set him[...]

See Maxine Waters’ Latest Craziness!

Rep. Maxine Waters has become one of Trump's loudest critics -- see what craziness she's up to now in the[...]

Did Russia Play Both Sides In The 2016 Election?

Libs want people to believe that Russia elected Trump -- but did they in fact play both sides in 2016?[...]

See What Washington Tweeted When He Crossed The Delaware

See what Pres. Washington tweeted while crossing the frozen Delaware River in the cartoon!

Why Did The FBI Miss So Many Red Flags In Florida?

Why did the FBI ignore the clear and present danger posed by Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz? Find out in the[...]

Are Democrats Trying To Trip Up Trump With DACA?

Are Democrats trying to trip Trump up with obstruction over DACA? See the cartoon to find out!

America Stands With Stoneman Douglas High School

In light of the horrific mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, America's thoughts and prayers are with the[...]

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