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Member of the Week

Aryssa Damron

ARTICLE: Member of the Week: Aryssa Damron, CBC

The Conservative Book Club has a new member of our team and Member of the Week — Aryssa Damron! Learn

Gabby Morrongiello 3

ARTICLE: Member of the Week: NY Post DC Bureau Chief Gabby Morrongiello

Gabby Morrongiello is the current DC Bureau Chief for the New York Post, and the former WH Correspondent for the

The Fund for American Studies 2016 Robert Novak Award Dinner

ARTICLE: Member of the Week: Jeffrey Hollingsworth (Novak Fellowship)

Meet Jeffrey Hollingsworth – our CBC Member of the Week! Hollingsworth is Director of the Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship program

Emily Jashinsky

ARTICLE: Member of the Week: Emily Jashinsky, Washington Examiner

Do you read The Washington Examiner? This week’s Member of the Week is Emily Jashinsky, a commentary writer there. Read

Laura Falcon

ARTICLE: Meet CBC’s New Marketing and Advertising Manager, Laura Falcon!

Meet CBC’s Marketing and Advertising Manager Laura Falcon, the newest member of the Conservative Book Club team! Read our interview


ARTICLE: Member of the Week: Patricia Simpson, Leadership Institute

Interested in conservative jobs? Read our interview with Patricia Simpson, Director of Career Programs at The Leadership Institute, for more

Michael Connors The Mission AM 570

ARTICLE: Member of the Week: Michael Connors (Radio Host of “Ask the Lawyer”)

Michael Connors is a radio host of the popular show “Ask the Lawyer.” Learn more about Mike personally and all

Angel Chitnatham photo (1)

ARTICLE: Member of the Week: Angel Chitnatham, Leadership Institute

Angel Chitnatham is the Director of Political & Fundraising Training for The Leadership Institute, helping to teach conservatives of today

Helena Ramirez Richardson Heritage Foundation 2

ARTICLE: Movers and Shakers: Helena Richardson, Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation has been shaping conservative policy for decades. Our Mover & Shaker this week is Helena Richardson, Young

Grace Morgan

ARTICLE: Whats In Store for CPAC 2017? (Member of the Week: Grace Morgan)

Grace Morgan is Deputy Events Director at the American Conservative Union and is our Conservative Book Club “Member of the

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