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Political Cartoons

Al Franken Is A Hypocritical Creep!

Sen. Al Franken once called Rush Limbaugh a "big fat idiot". But now we know -- Al Franken is a[...]

Why Isn’t Trump’s Agenda Going Anywhere? Here’s A Hint

Why hasn't Trump's legislative agenda gotten off the ground? See the cartoon to find out!

Colin Kapernick Is Our “Malcontent of the Year”!

The liberal media continues to paint Colin Kaepernick as some heroic martyr, but patriots know the truth -- he's a[...]

How Did Mexico Pay For China’s Great Wall?

Pres. Trump is currently on a diplomatic mission to China. See what he said about Great Walls to Chinese President[...]

Nothing Stops Evil Like A Good Guy With A Gun

Liberals berate patriots across America for owning guns -- but all it takes to stop evil is one good guy[...]

Are High Taxes Stalling America’s Economy?

Are high corporate taxes stalling the engine of America's economy? See the cartoon to find out!

God Bless Texas — America Is With You!

This Sunday saw a horrific mass shooting at a church in Sutherland, Texas. 27 people lost their lives to Devin[...]

See Why Chuck Schumer Has Blood On His Hands

A new Chucky is causing chaos this Halloween season! Chuck Schumer backed the diversity lottery program that allowed ISIS terrorist[...]

Beware The Lying Media’s W.M.Ds!

The lying media uses many tools to spread fake news across America. See Michael Ramirez's cartoon to learn about the[...]

See How The Russia Dossier Backfired On Democrats!

The Democrats have spent months crowing over their much-hyped Russia investigation into Trump -- but now it's backfired! See how[...]

Witchy Hillary Is In A Cauldron Of Trouble Over The Trump Dossier

Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble! Witchy Hillary is in a ton of hot water after[...]

“Empty Barrel” Frederica Wilson Is A Rodeo Clown!

"Empty barrel" Rep. Frederica Wilson has continued to make a rodeo clown of herself, using a military family against Pres.[...]

See Why Mitch McConnell and Trump Are Closer Than Ever

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Pres. Trump have had their disagreements, but now they are closer than ever! See[...]

See How Trump Has Erased ISIS!

See how Trump has erased ISIS in the cartoon!

Is Politics-Free Football Just A Fantasy Now?

Many Americans play fantasy football -- but you know what their real fantasy is? Being able to watch it without[...]

Has Politics Deflated Football?

Has politics deflated the joy of football and the NFL's ratings? See Michael Ramirez's cartoon!

You Won’t Believe What Susan Rice Said About Bowe Bergdahl

The Obama administration was delusional, but what Susan Rice said about deserter Bowe Bergdahl truly takes the cake! See her[...]

Can Trump Count On Congress To Pass Tax Reform?

Can Pres. Trump count on Congress to pass tax reform -- or will his policies be undermined by RINOs? See[...]

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