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POLL: Should Illegal Immigrants Be Tried Or Deported Immediately?

Should illegal immigrants receive a trial, or should they be deported immediately? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Trump Is Boldly Going Where No President Has Gone Before

Pres. Trump has once again proposed a Space Force -- see how Trump is boldly going where no president has[...]

POLL: Should ABC Axe The Barr-Less “Roseanne” Spinoff?

With the "Roseanne" reboot cancelled, ABC has let the cast come back on spinoff "The Conners" -- without Roseanne Barr![...]

Weekly Roundup Jun. 18-22

In this week's CBC Weekly Roundup, check out a great novel about a carefree roadtrip in 1961's America, our latest[...]

Hey Bleeding-Heart Libs, Here’s The Real Solution On Immigration!

Bleeding-heart liberals made quite a lot of noise on the family separation issue -- they should check out Michael Ramirez's[...]

What Jeff Sessions Got Wrong About The Bible On Immigration

"Be subject to the authorities." "Shelter the outcast." Sessions ignored the tough decisions the Bible confronts us with in the[...]

See How Trump Jr. Took Down Peter Fonda Over His Barron Tweet!

Actor Peter Fonda tweeted something unspeakably vile about Barron Trump over the now-defunct family separation policy. See how big brother[...]

POLL: Do You Agree With Trump Ending The Family Separation Policy?

Do you agree with Pres. Trump's new executive order ending the family separation policy? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Episode #19: A Road Trip Into the Heart of America (1961) – Interview with Author Lee Livingston

Escape to 1961 before the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and the Vietnam War when America was still civil and hopeful[...]

Are Liberals Using Kids As Pawns In The Illegal Immigration Debate?

Libs have gone into an uproar over the separation of children and their illegal immigrant parents at the border. Are[...]

Trumps Responds to Immigration Family Separation Controversy

"The United States will not be a migrant camp, and it will not be a refugee holding facility. Won't be.[...]

The Top 10 Current Fox News Authors

They're on your television and on your radio -are your favorite Fox News hosts on your bookshelf, too? Check out our[...]

Should Children of Illegal Immigrants Be Separated From Their Parents at the Border?

With 250 children being separated from their parents everyday at the border, should customs and border control separate parents and[...]

Weekly Roundup Jun. 11-15

Check out 5 things you never knew about Donald Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld's latest book, and much more in this week’s CBC[...]

Movie Review: “Ocean’s 8”

Does "Ocean's 8", Sandra Bullock's all-woman take on classic crime caper "Ocean's 11", live up to George Clooney or Frank[...]

POLL: Was Biased FBI Agent Peter Strzok Soft On Hillary Clinton?

After damning text messages were revealed by the IG report, do you think Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who headed[...]

See Robert De Niro Star In His New Movie, “Raging Bull****”!

Robert De Niro may have made his name in Raging Bull, but after his anti-Trump tirade at the Tony Awards, he’s […]

POLL: Was Pres. Trump’s Summit With Kim Jong-un A Success?

Was Pres. Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a success? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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