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POLL: Should Pres. Trump Still Hold His Summit With North Korea?

Pres. Trump originally planned and then called off his summit with North Korea and Kim Jong-un, before declaring it to[...]

Freedom Isn’t Free: See What Our Heroes Sacrifice For Our Safety

Freedom isn't free -- see what America's military heroes have sacrificed to keep us all safe and free in the[...]

See Why Trump Cancelled His Meeting With Kim Jong-un!

Pres. Trump made waves at home and abroad by cancelling the planned summit with North Korea and its leader, Kim[...]

Weekly Roundup 5/21-25

Before Memorial Day weekend starts, check out our Weekly Roundup -- featuring a great WWII podcast, John McCain's latest book,[...]

Movie Review: “Deadpool 2”

Ryan Reynolds is back as foul-mouthed antihero Deadpool in "Deadpool 2"! Is it worth seeing? Read our review to find[...]

Is Iran The Root Of All Evil In The Middle East? See The Cartoon!

See how Iran is the root of all of the Middle East's woes in Michael Ramirez's latest cartoon!

POLL: Do You Approve Of The NFL’s New Anthem Policy?

NFL ownership has ratified a new policy for the national anthem -- players must stand OR stay in the locker[...]

See What Crooked Hillary Clinton Is Hiding Under Her Russian Hat

Libs cheered on Hillary Clinton for wearing a Russian hat to an Ivy League event. See how many lame excuses[...]

POLL: Should The DOJ Investigate FBI Espionage Against Trump’s Presidential Campaign?

Should the Dept. of Justice investigate "Spygate" -- the FBI's alleged espionage against Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign? Vote now!

See Why Democratic Defenses of MS-13 Are So Hypocritical

The entire liberal Democrat establishment came to the defense of MS-13 gang members and their humanity after criticism from Trump[...]

Episode #14: The Unbelievable WWII Story You’ve Never Heard (Book: “Coffin Corner Boys”)

You've seen "Hogan's Heroes", but have you heard of Capt. George Starks? Learn his story of escape from Nazi-occupied France[...]

After The Latest Mass Shooting, Do We Need To Pull The “Culture Alarm”?

Another horrific mass shooting has occurred, this time in a suburban school in the greater Houston area. Do we need[...]

POLL: Should Teachers Be Armed In Schools?

Should teachers be armed in schools? Pres. Trump supports the idea -- do you? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

CBC Reading Roundup 5/14-18

Check out our latest podcast on Christian rock, Donald Rumsfeld's latest book, and much more in this week's CBC Reading[...]

Movie Review: “Life of the Party”

Is Melissa McCarthy's latest movie "Life of the Party" worth seeing this weekend? Read our review to find out!

5 Things You Never Knew About Donald Rumsfeld

Former Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is back with a new book "When The Center Held"! Check out our list[...]

Episode #13: Rock Gets Religion – The Battle for the Soul of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Interview with Mark Joseph)

Learn how Christians are changing the face and music of Rock 'n' Roll, and how its effects are changing the[...]

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