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See How Pres. Trump Is Surfing The Blue Wave!

Democrats have been praying for a blue wave, but bad news for them -- Pres. Trump is surfing it instead[...]

CBC Reading Roundup Jun. 4-8

This week, we featured Newt's new book, Newt's best books, and the books he thinks are the best! Read the[...]

POLL: Should Weed Legalization Be Left To The States? See What Trump Said!

Should marijuana legalization be left to the states, ending the federal ban? See what Pres. Trump had to say and[...]

Hey Dumb Democrats — There Is No Blue Wave Coming!

Dumb Democrats have been left electorally adrift, stuck on a board and looking for their nonexistent blue wave! See the[...]

Newt Gingrich’s 7 Best Books

In recognition of his latest book "Trump's America", check out the 7 best books Newt Gingrich has ever written!

See How Trump Kept Anthem-Bashing Athletes Out Of The White House

Pres. Trump disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles on account of the NFL's anthem protests and anthem policy -- see how he[...]

Episode #18: Conrad Black Interview: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Trump

Media tycoon Conrad Black discusses his new book, Donald Trump: A President Like No Other, his friendship with him, and[...]

POLL: Is Staying In The Locker Room For The Anthem As Insulting As Kneeling?

Pres. Trump has disinvited the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles from the White House, saying that staying in the locker[...]

POLL: Can Pres. Donald Trump Pardon Himself?

Does Pres. Donald Trump have the constitutional power to pardon himself? Vote now in our CBC reader poll!

See The Clever Trap The GOP Has Laid For Dimwit Democrats!

See how the GOP is trapping the dimwit Democrats on taxes in the cartoon!

8 Forgotten Founders Who Helped Make America Great

Everyone knows Washington, but there are some founders America has sadly forgotten. Check out our list of 8 Forgotten Founders[...]

Weekly Roundup 5/29-6/1

Read and listen to this week's best conservative quotes, from Roseanne Barr's fall from grace to Rudy Giuliani to our[...]

Episode #17: Savage Liberty: Interview with Bestselling Author Eliot Pattison, the Importance of Historical Fiction, and Making Civics Education Great Again

Popular and bestselling historical fiction author, Eliot Pattison, discusses his new book, "Savage Liberty: A Mystery of Revolutionary America," the[...]

Movie Review: “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

Is Ron Howard's take on the "Star Wars" universe -- Han Solo solo film "Solo: A Star Wars Story" --[...]

POLL: Was ABC Wrong To Cancel “Roseanne” Over Barr’s Tweets?

Was ABC right or wrong to cancel "Roseanne" after titular star Roseanne Barr went on a racially charged Twitter rampage?[...]

Check Out Roseanne Barr’s New Job At Starbucks!

After getting her show axed via Twitter rants, Roseanne Barr had to find a new job -- at Starbucks! See[...]

See How Robert Mueller Is Always Spying On Pres. Trump!

Is Robert Mueller spying on Trump everywhere, all the time? See the cartoon to see why the president is looking[...]

Episode #16: Interview with Sen. Mike Lee – A Candid Discussion About His New Book “Written Out of History” and What Will Happen in the 2018 Elections

Exclusive one-on-one interview with Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), discussing his new book, 'Written Out of History: The Forgotten Founders Who Fought[...]

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