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Ep. 42 – Do We Really Need a “New Conservatism” in the Trump Era? (Interview with Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams)

In our in-depth interview with Ryan Williams – President of the prestigious Claremont Institute, we discuss his thoughtful RCP article about whether or not conservatives really needs a “new conservatism” in the Age of Trump, as much of his policy objectives and successes have made this administration the most conservative in our generation.  You’ll also learn more about the influential Claremont Institute that’s leading the constitutional conservative charge!


  • 2:57 Ryan Williams talks about the Claremont Institute, its history and mission, and the various fellowship programs it offers to conservatives.
  • 4:56 Williams discusses the Claremont Review of Books and the role it plays in advancing conservative political thought.
  • 6:14 Williams delves into the philosophical background of the Claremont Institute and talks about writers like Leo Strauss and Hillsdale President Larry Arrn.
  • 9:20 Ryan Williams talks about the Claremont Institute’s early support of Pres. Donald Trump, including the influential “Flight 93 Election” article published in the Claremont Review of Books.
  • 13:22 Williams gives his take on Pres. Trump’s performance in office thus far.
  • 17:52 In response to the idea that we need a “new” conservatism, Ryan Williams explains how conservatism is still going strong as-is — and which issues Pres. Trump has been the most conservative on.
  • 21:30 Williams explains how we can make American civics education great again by overcoming America’s biased universities.

OUR GUEST – Ryan Williams

  • Prior to becoming president in 2017, Ryan Williams held positions at the Claremont Institute as Chief Operating Officer, Director of Programs, Director of Special Projects, Assistant Director of Programs, and Research Assistant.
  • He has taught American politics and political philosophy as an adjunct professor at California State University, San Bernardino and Cal Poly Pomona. A 2004 Publius Fellow of the Claremont Institute, Mr. Williams holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Hillsdale College and an M.A. in Politics from Claremont Graduate University.

ORGANIZATION OVERVIEW – The Claremont Institute

  • The Claremont Institute’s goal is to promote the principles of the American Founding by popularizing limited government and the philosophical principles that underpin America’s constitutional order. Claremont Institute thinkers include Leo StraussHarry Jaffa, and Charles Kesler.
  • As a part of spreading conservative principles, the Claremont Institute publishes the Claremont Review of Books, a quarterly publication of essays, book reviews and other articles centered around conservative political thought.
  • The Claremont Institute is also involved in the legal realm, issuing legal briefs and engaging in constitutional litigation via their Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence.



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