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See What Lindsey Graham Said About Trump And Sessions

by Bradley Matthews

Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters today that “If Jeff Sessions is fired there will be holy hell to pay. Any effort to go after Mueller will be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency unless Mueller did something wrong.”

Is Graham serious, or is he bluffing? Tell us in the comments — sign up to be a CBC Insider HERE


  1. Brenda Hatfield

    Why do you people keep bringing up the swamp? Drumpf has completely clogged it with billionaires who have NO IDEA how to operate their cabinets. When we get rid of the ugly, racist republicans, then we’ll be going in the right direction.

    August 7, 2017,5:29 pm

  2. Brenda Hatfield

    You tell these ridiculous GOPers Lindsay. How about all of you ugly racists GO, and then the USA will be fine

    August 7, 2017,5:28 pm

  3. Richard

    Just another liberal rino bought off by George Soros

    August 5, 2017,2:16 pm

  4. Steve Dolyniuk

    Lindsey Graham needs to go, along with the rest of the RINOs !

    July 28, 2017,7:44 pm

  5. Louie

    Swamp, swamp, swamp. RINO, RINO, RINO

    July 28, 2017,4:53 pm

  6. R

    He is another Rino that needs to be sent home. Kick him Bach to South Carolina

    July 28, 2017,4:23 pm

  7. R

    He is another Rino that needs to be sent home.

    July 28, 2017,4:22 pm

  8. Mary

    Sessions is the best AG for the time. Trump should go after getting the Dept of Justice help he needs and let Sessions do what he has shown already is a good job. Thankfully he knows both sides of the aisle, when to step in and there could be no more forthright man filling these shoes. He is fortunate with Jeff Sessions. Getting Congressional approval on any of his choices is blocked at every turn. He should be humble and grateful for a man of his stature in this position who will doggedly go after and root out the country’s legal wrongdoing mess.

    July 27, 2017,9:54 pm

  9. Sunny White

    No crime no investigation on Trump side

    July 27, 2017,5:33 pm

  10. mark

    NO one cares what lindy thinks ! He should go back to selling shoes at the mall !

    July 27, 2017,5:31 pm

  11. Alexander Nytko

    Many Citizens will insist that their Representives Impeach Pres. Trump immediately.

    July 27, 2017,5:23 pm

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